This San Diego lemon law client was ecstatic when he first purchased his brand new 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Unfortunately, that excitement soon turned into dismay as he found himself repeatedly taking his SUV into the dealership for repairs. The rear-view camera would intermittently not work, the check engine light would illuminate, and the tailgate would not close. He was in and out of the repair shop and just one of his repair visits took over 15 days. He tried to be patient, but his patience grew thin as the problems persisted despite many repair attempts.

He looked online and found the Lemon Law Experts. He was certainly glad that he found them as the Lemon Law Experts were able to get him a repurchase of this SUV, the return of his down payment, monthly payments, taxes and registration and even the payment of his attorneys fees and costs.

Although he had a bad experience with this particular SUV, he is happy that all ended up well and FCA repurchased his vehicle.