The Lemon Law Experts achieved a remarkable outcome for a consumer who encountered issues with their newly purchased 2021 Kia Sorento. The client presented their car for multiple repair visits under the manufacturer warranty.

The vehicle was purchased with only 29 miles on it. On the vehicle’s first repair visit, our client reported brake warning lights on and requested a tire pressure check. The dealership identified a faulty vacuum pump and replaced it.

Our client brought the Kia in for repairs a second time just over a month later, with the vehicle’s mileage at around 8,000. The client complained about the check engine light on, “D” light flashing, and the vehicle not driving properly. The dealership conducted a software logic update for the 8-speed transmission.

That same month our client took the vehicle in for a third repair visit. This time, they informed the service technician that the Kia was experiencing transmission issues. On a fourth repair visit some weeks later, the client reported issues related to the electric vacuum pump.

Frustrated by the constant vehicle repairs and seemingly no resolution in sight from the manufacturer, this client decided to reach out to the Lemon Law Experts.

Ultimately, the Lemon Law Experts provided valuable assistance, helping the client achieve outstanding results. Kia agreed to repurchase the vehicle and reimburse all monies spent on the car including the down payment, monthly payments (minus a usage fee for when the car was driven without problems) and related incidental expenses.

As the prevailing party, Kia also paid for 100% of the legal fees and costs. With the Lemon Law Experts’ support, the client was pleased to have promptly resolve their issues with the unreliable Kia Sorento and acquired a new, more reliable vehicle, providing them with peace of mind.

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