The plaintiffs in this case faced a series of vexing issues with their recently acquired 2022 Mercedes-Benz SL Class, purchased brand-new from a dealership in Thousand Oaks. The vehicle displayed troubling malfunctions and defects shortly after the purchase, leading to multiple repair visits to an authorized Mercedes service department.

The problems began with a cooling system malfunction and reduced drive performance, prompting the owners to seek assistance from the dealership about two weeks after purchase. The service technician diagnosed the issue as an intermittent electrical fault in the intercooler temperature sensor and the exhaust system temperature sensor, resulting in warnings and malfunctions.

Despite extensive diagnostic efforts and repairs, these issues continued.

After this initial repair visit, the consumers encountered a recurrent low battery charge warning, which triggered investigations into the vehicle’s battery system. The Mercedes-Benz team performed in-depth reviews, even monitoring the vehicle’s battery for weeks, yet the problem persisted.

The vehicle issues only got worse from there. Our clients experienced active emergency stop assist, active brake assist, and rear axle steering warning malfunctions, indicating software errors in the rear steer control units. The plaintiffs also reported issues with the air conditioning blower speed fluctuating when in auto mode, an occurrence noted while using Apple CarPlay.

The dealership concluded, however, that the vehicle’s behavior was within normal parameters. Despite numerous investigations, it was revealed that short drives and constant electronic activity had caused the battery to not get a full charge- as such, the owners were advised to drive the vehicle for extended periods to charge the battery fully.

Our customers got increasingly frustrated as there appeared to be no way out of their vehicle’s lemon issues. They decided to reach out to the Lemon Law Experts for assistance. Our team was able to secure these clients an excellent case result in which Mercedes-Benz agreed to repurchase the vehicle.

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