In this case against Ford Motor Company (FMC), the clients faced a series of distressing issues with their newly purchased 2021 Ford Ecosport. With under 7,000 miles on the odometer, they encountered alarming symptoms, including flickering dashboard and center console screens, power loss while driving, and multiple warning lights.

The severity of the problems was evident when the vehicle had to be towed and spent over two weeks in the repair shop on its first visit.

Unfortunately, the initial repairs did not mark the end of their troubles. The clients had to endure two more lengthy repair visits, each lasting over 21 days. During these visits, they reported experiencing shaking in the vehicle, stability control becoming unavailable, difficulty in steering, and frequent infotainment system freezing.

These ongoing issues not only disrupted their daily lives but also raised serious concerns about the safety and reliability of their new Ford Ecosport.

Frustrated and disappointed after enduring three extensive repair attempts without a satisfactory resolution, the clients decided to seek assistance from the Lemon Law Experts. Recognizing the complexity of lemon law cases and the need for professional guidance, they placed their trust in the dedicated team of experts.

The Lemon Law Experts, armed with their extensive experience and knowledge in handling such cases, worked tirelessly on behalf of the clients. Their goal was clear – to secure a favorable outcome and bring justice to the clients who had been burdened with a defective vehicle.

Their hard work and dedication paid off as they successfully negotiated a resolution with Ford Motor Company.

The resolution reached was comprehensive and aimed at providing the clients with the relief they deserved. Ford agreed to repurchase the defective Ford Ecosport, ensuring that the clients would not be stuck with an unreliable and unsafe vehicle any longer.

Moreover, the clients were fully reimbursed for all monies spent on the vehicle minus a usage fee, and the payment of the consumer’s legal fees and costs. This resolution brought much-needed closure to the clients’ lemon car predicament and restored their confidence in consumer rights protection.

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