The 2019 Subaru Ascent has gained notoriety for its persistent battery troubles, and unfortunately, our client’s vehicle was not exempt from these issues. Within months of purchasing the vehicle, they began experiencing significant transmission problems that greatly disrupted their driving experience.

During their initial visit to the service provider, the client reported delays in acceleration and noticeable hesitation while shifting gears.

A few months later, our client found themselves back at the dealership, grappling with serious battery issues. The vehicle’s battery frequently required jump-starting, leading to a frustrating cycle of visits to the repair shop that alternated between addressing transmission and battery-related symptoms.

Despite the dealership’s attempts to rectify the issues, the persistent transmission problems left our client uncertain about their next steps.

Recognizing the need for professional assistance, our client turned to the Lemon Law Experts for help. With their case in our hands, our dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure a favorable outcome. Through relentless efforts, we achieved outstanding results.

Subaru agreed to repurchase the 2019 Subaru Ascent, providing our client with the relief they had sought. Furthermore, our client was fully reimbursed for all the monies spent on this lemon, in addition to the payment of their legal fees.

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