The issues with this 2019 Hyundai Elantra started at approximately 24,000 miles. This consumer found themselves with repeat repair visits to the Hyundai service center as a result of a repeat check engine lights appearing on the dashboard, and the vehicle losing power while driving.

This consumer notified the service technician who found metal and oil coming from the turbocharger. The vehicle was out of service for a number of days and resulted in the replacement of the turbocharger and an engine replacement.

Unfortunately, the engine and turbo charger replacements were not sufficient to get this vehicle in good working order. This consumer found themselves back in for additional repeat repairs as a result of repeat and continuous engine complaints.

Frustrated by the repeated unsuccessful repair attempts, this consumer sought the assistance of our team of Lemon Law Experts. With unwavering dedication, the Lemon Law Experts tirelessly represented the client and achieved a favorable result.

This client’s story teaches an important lesson. In the event a vehicle is repeatedly repaired during the warranty, a consumer must present it for warranty repairs to an authorized manufacturer dealership. If the manufacturer cannot repair the vehicle in a reasonable number of repair attempts, the California Lemon Law can provide protection.

The lemon laws apply to both new cars and used cars, leased or purchased. So long as there have been repeat repairs while under warranty there could be a potential lemon claim, whether that repair took place at mile 1, mile 17,999 or mile 30,000.

In order to determine if you have a valid claim, it is best to contact an attorney who specializes in lemon law and understands your consumer rights. Call our team of Lemon Law Experts today!