With just 350 miles on the odometer, this 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe began experiencing issues. Warning lights for the service safety restraint system and airbag were among the problems that arose. Concerned about the potential danger of these safety issues, our clients had the front seat airbag connector assembly replaced by a service provider. However, despite the manufacturer’s repair attempts, GM was unable to fix the vehicle.

At just under 7,000 miles, the Tahoe was brought in for recalls on safety components such as the head restraints, seat belt, and airbag–which required a different repair than the one previously performed. In addition to the previous repairs, the service provider was also supposed to perform recalls for the auto stop low battery charge and brake system control module. However, they were unable to complete these recalls and asked the client to return later. This further added to the frustration and inconvenience experienced by our clients, who were already dealing with numerous issues and repair visits for their Chevrolet Tahoe.

Our clients were disappointed by the numerous issues they encountered with their vehicle at such low mileage. They were pleased to have contacted the Lemon Law Experts, who were able to obtain appropriate compensation for their defective Chevrolet Tahoe. This provided them with some relief and satisfaction, given the ongoing problems they had experienced with the vehicle.