This client was excited to become the owner of a new 2022 Mercedes Benz S-Class, unfortunately, she quickly faced a series of issues with her vehicle, leading her to seek service from various dealerships. On January 20, 2022, with only 1,506 miles, the car exhibited a loud knocking noise from the engine area.

The dealership promptly replaced the vehicle’s turbocharger. The service provider conducted a comprehensive inspection, addressing additional concerns and successfully resolving the knocking noise.

Some months later, on August 18, 2022, our client noticed a ticking noise while trying to start the vehicle. A second dealership performed a meticulous multi-point inspection, checked tire pressure, and administered a service, including the installation of a premium ethanol fuel drier treatment. The issue was effectively resolved, and routine maintenance was carried out.

From August 22, 2023, to September 7, 2023, a third dealership addressed various concerns from our client, including a loud knocking noise during startup attributed to the turbocharger waste gate. The turbocharger was replaced, and issues related to tire pressure, a driving assistance system software recall, and pre-safe inoperative and attention assist system concerns were addressed.

Repair work for recalls 2023060010 and 2023040017 were also completed during this period.

This client was incredibly frustrated going through all these repairs and issues with a brand-new vehicle. She knew that there had to be other options, and this is when she sought the expertise of the Lemon Law Experts, a team specializing in handling lemon law cases. Entrusting her case to their experienced professionals, the client pursued a resolution for her lemon car predicament.

The Lemon Law Experts, advocating fiercely on her behalf, secured a highly successful outcome. Mercedes Benz USA acknowledged the validity of the client’s claims and agreed to repurchase the 2022 Mercedes Benz S Class. Additionally, the manufacturer also ensured fair compensation by reimbursing all expenses related to the troublesome vehicle, deducting a usage fee for when the vehicle was trouble-free.

If you find yourself facing similar problems with your vehicle, the Lemon Law Experts may be able to assist you. Our highly skilled team has a track record of achieving exceptional results for clients, including substantial settlements valued in millions of dollars. With multiple years of experience and an expert understanding of the complexities of lemon law cases, we provide comprehensive solutions for all clients.

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