In August 2014, shortly after purchasing their new 2014 Dodge Ram 2500, our client noticed that the check engine light had come on, so he decided to take the car in for repairs. The dealership performed a multi-point inspection in which they found and cleared an error code indicating issues with the pickup’s sensor circuit performance. Over the next few years, issues with the Dodge pickup became progressively worse.

In January 2016, our client reported that the MIL light was on and that the left front rim had excessive brake dust. The dealership performed recall-related repairs for three components (R23 ORC module, R36 steering wheel wiring, and R46 track bar bracket), as well as a multi-point inspection. Nearly a year following this repair visit, in March 2017, our client had to take the pickup back to the repair shop because the check engine light had returned.

Our client ended up taking the vehicle in for repair at least 8 more times. He was growing increasingly frustrated and could not understand why the dealer was unable to fix the Dodge pickup despite multiple repair efforts. Now, his car’s transmission was beginning to exhibit serious problems as well. Fed up with spending excessive time and money for repairs, he decided to look further into his legal options. That’s when our client found the Lemon Law Experts.

This client achieved outstanding results in their lemon law claim. FCA consented to buy back the Dodge Ram 2500 and repay the client for all monies he spent related to the lemon.  FCA also paid 100% of his legal fees and costs related to his representation. They were ecstatic to have selected Lemon Law Experts as their representative, as they were able to get rid of their lemon Chevrolet quickly and purchase a new, much more reliable car. If you reside in California and suspect you have a lemon vehicle, our team can assess your eligibility for compensation, at no cost to you. Contact us by calling 877-885-5366 or filling out an online case evaluation form on our website.