At just 475 miles on the odometer, this client began noticing lemon problems in his newly purchased 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. He noticed several indicator lights on the car’s dashboard, including a check engine light. The service provider performed several tests and inspections. The 2017 Chrysler spent just one day out of service for this initial repair.

About four months later, our client’s Chrysler spent a whopping 47 days in repairs. This time, our client noted several concerning issues in their car. He told technicians that the car would randomly shut off at a stop and would refuse to start again. The right rear door, headliner, and rear hatch also appeared to be malfunctional. The Chrysler dealership was not able to replicate the engine issues but performed a software update and replaced parts of the sunroof.

Our client’s Chrysler’s engine issues appeared to be getting worse over time. A few months later, he brought the Pacifica in for repairs again. He told the dealer that the car was now stalling and that it was producing a loud, motorcycle-like noise. He was also still having issues with the car’s rear hatch.  Unfortunately, the dealer was unable to duplicate the engine issues during this visit.

The client took his Chrysler in for one final repair due to more structural issues- problems with the car’s rear hatch continued and a piece of the trim separated when he used the sunroof. Our client had dealt with multiple long repair visits over the course of over two years and he was understandably fed up.  After spending more than 30 calendar days out of service due to repairs, our client began to investigate the possibility that he had perhaps purchased a lemon car. For legal help, he reached out to the Lemon Law Experts.

The Lemon Law Experts fought vigorously against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). In exchange for the defective 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, the automaker agreed to reimburse our client for all the money he had spent on his lemon. With our team’s assistance, this client was able to file a successful lemon law claim against the auto manufacturer and secure the just compensation he deserved. Like this client, your claim could also result in an excellent outcome. If you think you may have leased or purchased a lemon, consider contacting the Lemon Law Experts to see if you qualify for cash compensation, a replacement car, or a lemon law refund.