The Lemon Law Experts produced excellent results for a client with a 2018 Hyundai Sonata that exhibited serious engine issues. At first our client was excited to bring her new car home. As time went on, she noticed concerning symptoms involving her vehicle’s engine.

A ticking noise quickly evolved into an extremely loud noise every time she turned on the engine. Her engine complaints were verified by the repair provider, and she was told to wait several days for a replacement engine. She was extremely frustrated as she needed to use the vehicle to get to work.

Unfortunately, the 2018 Hyundai Sonata is known for electrical system and engine defects. Hyundai has even issued a service bulletin regarding repairs on the 2018 Sonata’s engine.

Several drivers, including our client, have experienced ticking noises, stalling, engine misfire, and complete engine failure. It does not seem that Hyundai has any real solutions to these problems as they have struggled to provide dealers with repair parts for this model year.

Like other Hyundai drivers, our client also found herself waiting extensively for replacement parts. Fed up, she decided to no longer wait on Hyundai to solve the problem. It was then that she decided to call the Lemon Law Experts for legal advice.

Our client decided to pursue a lemon law claim with the Lemon Law Experts and we were able to secure her an outstanding lemon law repurchase. This settlement reimbursed her down payment, monthly payments, taxes, and other fees minus a usage deduction. She was so relieved to know that she would not be stuck with this lemon any longer.