Troubles with our client’s brand new 2017 Honda Pilot began at just over 800 miles. The rear wiper blade was the first component to malfunction and fail. One month later, he noticed a fluid leak from the front engine area along with abnormal smells in the vehicle. The dealer discovered the transmission was leaking fluid and carried out the necessary repairs. Our client felt extremely unsafe in the vehicle.

Over the course of nearly two years, our client was constantly taking the 2017 Pilot into the dealership for repairs for a variety of issues: warning lights, water leaks and adaptive cruise control failure. One of the more troubling problems our client witnessed was his vehicle would speed up and fail to alert him of any immediate obstacles.  After multiple repair visits, our client gave up on the vehicle. With a little over 12,000 miles on the vehicle’s odometer, our client stopped using the 2017 Pilot. He felt like he was driving the vehicle blindly and had no idea what to do about all the issues he had experienced for years.

If a manufacturer or seller of a vehicle is unable to repair it following a reasonable number of repair attempts, then the manufacturer or seller must repurchase or replace the vehicle and cover all incidental and consequential damages associated with the lemon along with the consumer’s attorneys’ fees. The meaning of a “reasonable number” of attempts can vary, however, it was clear that our client had a claim after taking his vehicle in for repairs over 10 times.

Our client knew he had to do something about this vehicle. After some research, he decided to contact the Lemon Law Experts. He was happy to have had our team represent him in his case. Our attorneys secured him a buyback settlement with Honda, in which the manufacturer agreed to repurchase his 2017 Honda Pilot and reimburse our client for all fees associated with the lemon. If you are experiencing extensive issues with your vehicle, you too could receive an outstanding recovery. Whether you are ready to begin or unsure of your eligibility, let us know. Any one of our Lemon Law Experts will be more than happy to help you determine if you have a case. Give us a call today.