This client encountered issues with a used 2020 Porsche Taycan, which he purchased with just 3,700 miles. After owning the vehicle for a few months, he had to take it in for repairs due to a dead battery. He also reported difficulties connecting his phone to the car’s infotainment system.

Specifically, calls from his phone wouldn’t transfer to the car, preventing him from streaming music as well. In addition, he experienced occasional call drops. Astonishingly, the vehicle spent a total of 100 days in the repair shop during this initial visit, clearly surpassing the threshold to qualify as a lemon under state law.

In California, the Lemon Law provides significant protection to car owners or lessees who encounter defects that substantially affect the use, value, or safety of their vehicles. One important provision of this law is the “30-day rule,” which establishes that if a vehicle remains out of service for more than thirty consecutive or non-consecutive calendar days due to repairs, it is presumed to be a lemon.

This rule sets forth an objective and transparent standard for determining whether a car meets the criteria of a lemon, allowing car owners to seek appropriate remedies for their losses. It’s worth noting that the 30-day period does not have to be continuous.

Even if a car undergoes multiple shorter repair periods that add up to more than thirty days, it remains eligible for protection under the law. If your car meets the requirements of the 30-day rule, you may be entitled to a refund or a replacement vehicle.

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