Our client noticed structural issues in his new 2023 Tesla Model X within days of taking the vehicle home. On his first repair visit involving the car, he told the service advisor that he was concerned about the front driver-side quarter glass molding and windows not closing correctly, leading to wind noise despite attempted adjustments.

Subsequent visits between February and September 2023 involved recurring structural issues such as wind noise, paint chips, alignment problems, falcon wing door malfunctions, and touchscreen rotation issues. Our client was regularly noticing new manufacturing issues in the new Tesla Model X.

On one of these visits, the vehicle spent over 30 days at the dealership for repairs. In most jurisdictions, if a vehicle spends over 30 days out of service due to repairs, it is legally presumed to be a lemon and the vehicle’s lessee or owner may be legally entitled to compensation.

Upon learning this, our client decided to look into their legal options to see if they could do something about the problematic new vehicle, this is when he decided to reach out to the Lemon Law Experts.

In the end, the Lemon Law Experts played a pivotal role in securing a favorable outcome in this client’s case against Tesla Inc. Tesla repurchased the problematic vehicle and covered all legal fees and representation costs.

With the Lemon Law Experts’ support, this client was pleased to have promptly resolved their issues with the unreliable Tesla Model X so that they could purchase a new vehicle that they could feel safe and comfortable driving in.

The Lemon Law Experts are ready to assist if you have faced similar issues involving a vehicle you have purchased or leased in California.

Our team has a proven track record of success, helping numerous clients throughout California settle their lemon law disputes and recover millions of dollars in cases against some of the largest car manufacturers in the world, including Tesla Inc. To find out if you are eligible for a new vehicle, financial compensation, or a refund, you can reach us at 877-885-5366 or complete a form on our site today.