A 2022 Tesla Model S experienced persistent issues with its rear right door, impacting both driving safety and comfort.

The first sign of trouble emerged during a routine drive on Highway 101 near Mountain View, CA, when the rear right door suddenly popped open while the vehicle was in motion, raising immediate safety concerns for our clients.

To address this alarming issue, our clients took Model S to Tesla, Inc. for a series of repairs, which included removing the rear passenger door panel, conducting thorough examinations of connectors and mechanical release switches, as well as various door and handle tests.

No issues were discovered during these inspections, and the inside of the rear passenger door showed nothing unusual.

Unfortunately for our clients, structural issues in the Model S persisted as the rear door popped open again while they were driving on the freeway. On February 10, 2023, the owners returned to Tesla, Inc., where a Service Advisor took charge of their case.

To address the recurring rear door problem, Tesla’s team diagnosed and replaced the right-hand body controller module and the right-hand rear door latch.

Despite thorough repair efforts, the Tesla Model S continued to experience persistent issues that significantly impacted its performance, leading to substantial frustration and inconvenience.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to resolve these problems with the dealership, the owners opted to seek assistance from the Lemon Law Experts, who were able to secure a full buyback agreement from Tesla in which the manufacturer agree to reimburse our client for all the money they spent on the lemon (minus a usage fee), including their legal fees and costs.

Renowned for our expertise in California’s consumer protection and lemon law, the Lemon Law Experts have a proven track record of securing substantial settlements in lemon law cases. This recent success story underscores their unwavering commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for their clients.

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