This Ontario lemon law client purchased his 2008 BMW 335i brand new. He was looking for a high performance BMW which is why he chose the BMW 335i instead of the standard BMW 328i. Unfortunately this client didn’t just pick the higher end BMW he also picked a BMW 335i lemon.

This BMW lemon did not have consistent problems but rather ones that were appearing every 10,000 miles. Within the first 50,000 this BMW 335i lemon had engine issues due to the high pressure fuel pump. This vehicle was running rough, losing power and not starting on occasion. Because the problems were so far apart this client was not sure if there was merit to his claim. This client contacted the BMW lemon law experts and spoke directly with a lemon law attorney. The lemon law attorney assured him these problems were not normal and these engine issues made his BMW 335i a lemon.

The lemon law experts put together an aggressive demand to BMW of North America, and within 2 weeks obtained a full repurchase on this 2008 BMW 335i lemon. BMW took back the car, paid off the loan, and reimbursed all monies paid towards this BMW lemon. Additionally, BMW paid all attorneys’ fees and costs.

This lemon law client is no longer in this high end BMW lemon, but instead can be seen driving the streets of San Bernardino in a safe and reliable Mercedes Benz.