The Lemon Law Experts achieved outstanding results for a driver with their brand-new but defective 2019 GMC Canyon. Our client had issues with the vehicle within months of purchase. This client first noticed issues in the vehicle’s infotainment system.

Despite several attempts at repair, issues with the vehicle were progressively getting worse. About a year after first noticing electrical problems in his vehicle, our client was noticing problems involving the GMC Canyons’ engine.

After several repairs to address the vehicle’s electrical issues, the 2019 GMC Canyon began having noticeable engine problems. He noticed several different engine warning signs and that the vehicle was having difficult speeding past 45 miles per hour.

Concerned, he kept asking the dealership for help, but they were ultimately unable to offer him a permanent solution to his car’s problems. He decided to reach out to the Lemon Law Experts for assistance instead.

The client achieved exceptional results in his case, with General Motors agreeing to repurchase the vehicle and reimburse all the monies spent on the vehicle, excluding the usage fee. Moreover, all legal fees and costs were covered by GM.

With the assistance of the Lemon Law Experts, our client was pleased to have resolved his issue with the unreliable GMC promptly and purchased a new, more reliable car that provided him with peace of mind.

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