Two of our clients purchased a brand-new 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 in May 2021, completing its first repair visit in June 2021.

Our clients noticed strange issues with the Volkswagen within days of taking the vehicle home. They took the vehicle into a local dealership for a driving system error that was making it difficult to switch gears. After inspecting the vehicle, the service provider went ahead and replaced the vehicle’s steering column module.

Our clients found themselves taking the vehicle in for repairs once again in September 2021. This time, the dealership faced challenges replicating the reported issues, and unfortunately, our clients’ concerns were mostly left unresolved. July 2023 marked a third repair stint for the problematic Volkswagen, spanning several days.

On this visit, our clients noted steering wheel noises, persistent brake creaking, and an unusual electrical humming noise from the front of the vehicle. The dealership used a comprehensive approach involving recall repairs, software updates, and part replacements, concluding with test drives revealing no abnormal noises post-repairs.

The most extensive repair visit occurred between August 2023 and September 2023, with the vehicle spending over thirty days in repairs. Once again, our clients noted that the vehicle’s steering wheel was making squeaking/creaking sounds when turning right. The dealership’s efforts included adjusting tire pressures, conducting recalls for door handles and electronics box wiring harness, and lubricating the right front strut area.

Despite all these repairs, trouble persisted with the new Volkswagen. In California, if a vehicle spends at least 30 calendar days out of service due to repairs, it is presumed to be a lemon under the law. Upon learning this, our clients decided to review their options and see what else they could do about the defective vehicle, and this is when they discovered the Lemon Law Experts.

Our legal team at the Lemon Law Experts achieved an outstanding outcome for these clients in their case against Volkswagen Group of America. These clients received a lemon law refund and the payment of their attorneys fees.

If you are facing similar issues involving a vehicle you have leased or purchased in California, the Lemon Law Experts can offer potential assistance. The Lemon Law Experts have a track record of achieving exceptional results for our clients, including securing settlements worth millions of dollars.

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