A purchaser or a lessee of a motor vehicle has several protections under both state and federal laws in the event that the vehicle does not operate as offered according to an express warranty. Warranty laws usually are confusing, and are extremely hard to describe in a limited space. These statements briefly describe the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, what is generally referred to as “Lemon Law.”

California Lemon Law along with the federal Lemon Law (the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) offer damages for State consumers of substandard vehicles and even trucks and other motor vehicles and products including motor bikes, recreational vehicles, boats, laptop or computer systems and other consumer appliances and merchandise. To be eligible within the State Lemon Law or the federal Lemon Law, it is essential to have a consumer good that endured numerous repair efforts within the manufacturer’s warranty period. Lemon Law settlements can include a refund, replacement or perhaps money reimbursement.

California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, commonly referred to as the CA Lemon Law, was enacted to offer relief to buyers and lessees of troublesome cars, trucks and other vehicles and consumer goods. Typically, the California Lemon Law is applicable to motor vehicles which the car dealerships are unable to repair within the warranty period after being given a decent amount of opportunities to repair it. For qualifying claims, the manufacturer should give the consumer her or his money back and pay the balance of the outstanding loan or substitute the good with one that is substantially similar.

The California Lemon Law also mandates that the manufacturer cover the consumer’s ‘s attorney’s fees and costs, on a meritorious claim. This makes the law fiscally easy for individuals who may otherwise not be in a position to employ an attorney.

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