Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta Transmission Scandal! Ford Motor Company Knew these Cars had Defective Transmissions and Sold them Anyway


Are you a current or former owner of a Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta with transmission issues? If so, you may be one of about two million consumers who were tricked by Ford Motor Company (FMC) into thinking you were buying a safe and reliable car. Unfortunately, certain model year Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta cars are anything but safe and reliable. Rather, these cars lose power on freeways, slip out of gear unexpectedly while driving, fail to shift, hesitate, shudder, and more. Consumers have reported receiving replacements of the clutch, output shaft, and entire transmission.

The affected Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta cars with the PowerShift Transmissions were the subject of a class-action lawsuit and many individual lawsuits. The Opt Out period for the class action was September 2017. All consumers who did not opt out of the class action by September 2017 were automatically included in the class action.

On September 13, 2019, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the approval of the class action settlement and found serious problems with the settlement being “fair” and “adequate” for consumers. The class action settlement has been appealed as a result of it having no meaningful value to most Ford consumers.

The federal district court is currently examining the class action settlement with its fate not yet known and to be determined.

The Ford Transmission Scandal Affects the Following Vehicles:

Since Ford introduced the PowerShift Transmission in its Focus and Fiesta models, it has issued more than 20 technical service bulletins addressing the problems with the PowerShift, also known as the DPS6. Ford made several improvements to the PowerShift transmission after the 2016 model year. The vehicles that are the subject of the class action and subsequent appeal are:

• 2012 – 2016 Ford Focus
• 2011 – 2016 Ford Fiesta

Ford Knew About the Defective Transmissions and Sold Them Anyway

Multiple Ford Motor Company employees spoke publicly about how Ford knew about the safety defects with the Ford transmissions and sold them anyway. One particular Ford engineer who played a vital role in the development of the Focus and Fiesta cars said “My hands are dirty. I feel horrible.” These current and former employees who worked on the Focus and Fiesta cars reported that Ford knew about the well-known problem with the transmissions and discouraged its employees from speaking up to voice their concerns. The employees reported that they were discouraged from saying anything in fear of losing their jobs.

Ford’s conduct is a violation of State Consumer Protection Laws and State and Federal Warranty Laws.

In our opinion, consumers’ cases should be handled on an individual basis rather than through a class action so that each consumer can obtain the maximum recovery. Class actions involve thousands of claimants in a single lawsuit, which often times do not substantially benefit the individual class members.

In the event the Opt Out period related to the 2012 – 2016 Ford Focus and 2011 – 2016 Ford Fiesta reopens, you should opt out of the class action and assert your claims against Ford with an individual action. Join our mailing list today to receive updates regarding the status of the appeal.

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