Chevrolet Cobalts have long been associated with consumer lemon law complaints about power steering, power locks not working, windows falling out, doors jamming, among other safety and performance issues.  Most recently, many of the Chevrolet brands were in the spotlight for the serious safety problem related to the ignition issues in many of the General Motors vehicles that reportedly caused 13 deaths.  Additional issues with these cars include engine problems, such as the car running while the key is removed, cars turning off for no reason in the middle of driving, problems with the clutch and flaws in the air conditioning systems. Cobalt owners have also complained that the vehicles are a nuisance and  are dangerous.

Data shows that over the past several years, General Motors has had 120 cases of Lemon Law buybacks for defective Cobalts.  The state of Florida collects data on lemons that are repurchased or bought back.  The data does show that in 2005, the Chevrolet Cobalt ranked the highest in repurchased cars in its class.

As with any Lemon Law case, some claims are resolved quickly without any resistance from the auto manufacturer, while some cases are harder to win against manufacturers like General Motors.  If you own a Chevrolet Cobalt and have issues with it, you may have a Lemon Law case.   You can contact the Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts for a free case evaluation at 1-877-885-5366.