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Jeep has initiated a recall for over 160,000 Jeep Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, and Cherokee vehicles due to a potential issue with the rearview camera not displaying an image when the vehicle is placed in reverse.

The recall was announced on August 14th by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and impacts a range of 2021-2024 Jeep Wagoneer and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles. Earlier this year, the manufacturer issued another Jeep recall affecting the same models due to potential airbag deployment issues that could heighten the risk of injury during a collision.

backup camera recall jeep

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    What causes the Jeep Backup Camera Issue?

    The manufacturer officially notified NHTSA, that the vehicles are equipped with a central vision processing/park assist module (CVPAM) that contains software which, under specific circumstances, might obstruct the transmission of the camera signal to the media screen.

    Upon investigation, engineers traced the defect to a component supplied by Robert Bosch, which results in a camera display issue due to faulty software. The image display issue violates the federal safety standards regarding rear visibility. FCA US LLC’s Technical Safety and Regulatory Compliance division became aware of a potential concern regarding the rearview camera’s functionality, promoting an engineering evaluation. However, for unknown reasons, the manufacturer did not officially recognize the issue till June 21.

    How do I know if my vehicle is included in the Jeep Backup Camera Recall?

    The Jeep rear view camera defect is easy to spot – affected vehicles will not display an image on the backup camera screen when shifting into REVERSE.

    The following vehicles are included in the recall:

    • 2022-2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • 2021-2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee L
    • 2022-2024 Jeep Wagoneer
    • 2022-2024 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    A total of over 160,000 vehicles are affected by the Jeep backup camera defect. Owners of these vehicles are urged to check for notifications and take immediate action to ensure their safety on the road.

    jeep backup camera recall

    Does the manufacturer have a solution for the issue?

    According to the recall information, authorized Jeep dealers will provide a complimentary software update for the Central Vision Park Assist module in affected models.

    FCA began sending out recall notifications for affected Jeep owners on October 3, 2023. For inquiries or concerns regarding the recall, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Wagoneer drivers can contact the following number: 800-853-1403, referencing recall 56A.

    What should I do if my Jeep Rear View Camera is not working?

    If you have concerns about the functionality of your Jeep Rearview Camera, we suggest following these steps:

    • Verify for Recalls: Go to the official Jeep website or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website. Enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to search for any pending recalls concerning your vehicle’s camera system.
    • Contact Jeep Directly: Reach out to Jeep through their customer Service number and inform them about your rearview camera issue. They may be able to direct you on next steps if your car was affected by the recall. Contact the Jeep customer service at 800-777-3600.
    • Arrange a Visit to an Authorized Jeep Dealer: Set up an appointment with an authorized Jeep dealership. If your vehicle falls under a recall, they will inspect and fix the brake issue at no cost, as recalls are covered by the manufacturer.
    • Keep receipts of the issue: Maintain records of your interactions with Jeep customer service, repair receipts, and all communications regarding the issue for future reference.
    • Search for Legal Options: If you have serviced your car for the same issue multiple times, you may want to consider consulting with legal professionals who specialize in consumer protection law.

    Steps to take if your Jeep is recalled

    Below are the streamlined actions to follow in the event of a recall for your Jeep:

    • Ensure your vehicle is included: If your vehicle is affected by a recall, you will receive a notification from the manufacturer in the mail. This notification will have instructions on how to proceed.
    • Set up an Appointment: Get in touch with your nearest Jeep dealership and arrange for an appointment to have the recall repaired.
    • Adhere to Recommendations: Act on any repair or modification recommendations provided.
    • Stay Well-Informed: Stay updated on any developments and recalls.

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