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The California Lemon Law additionally mandates that the auto manufacturer pay for the consumer’s hourly attorney’s charges on a meritorious claim. This makes the law economically practical for every 1.8 million local county individuals who might otherwise not be equipped to employ an attorney. This means if you want to employ a Santa Barbara, Tulare & Kern County Lemon Law Attorney, it does not cost you anything and our costs are paid once we win your matter.

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At The Law Offices of Consumer Law Experts, our statewide practice will provide complimentary case assessment, document assessment, and lawyer discussion regarding customers’ legal rights under the Santa Barbara California Lemon Law. In both in person or over the phone, we will thoroughly explain your relevant legal factors and procedures to you at no cost. After speaking to our office, you will likely have a much clearer understanding of the merits of your case as well as what exactly is involved in the California Lemon Law process.

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