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If you purchased or leased a certain 2011-2022 model year Kia vehicle that was not equipped with an engine immobilizer, you might benefit from this class action settlement. Certain Kia car owners who had their vehicles stolen received notices by or on March 3, 2024, allowing them to claim their piece of a $145 million settlement.

Settlement AmountA total settlement fund of $145 million
Common FundThe Settling Defendants have agreed to create a Common Fund  allocating between $80 million and $145 million to accommodate validated claims.
Submission/Opt-Out DeadlineEligible claimants must ensure timely submission by May 3, 2024. If they wish to be excluded, they must opt-out by May 3,2024.
kia theft settlement 2024

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    Vehicles in Kia Theft Settlement

    The following Kia vehicles are included in the settlement:

    • Forte (2011-2021)
    • K5 (2021-2022)
    • Optima (2011-2020)
    • Rio (2011-2021)
    • Sedona (2011-2021)
    • Seltos (2021-2022)
    • Soul (2011-2022)
    • Sorento (2011-2022)
    • Sportage (2011-2022)

    This lawsuit alleges that Hyundai North America and Kia America failed to manufacture Class Vehicles with an anti-theft device called an engine immobilizer, making them susceptible to theft and damage.

    As part of this settlement, affected individuals can submit a “Kia Settlement Claim Form” to seek compensation for their losses resulting from vehicle thefts. This claim form will serve as a crucial step in accessing the funds allocated within the settlement agreement. Eligible claimants must ensure timely submission of their claims in accordance with the stipulated procedures outlined by the settlement terms.

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    Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Kia Thefts

    The emergence of a viral TikTok trend dubbed the “Kia Challenge” exposed a concerning security vulnerability in Kia and Hyundai vehicles, where the absence of an immobilizer renders them susceptible to theft using nothing more than a screwdriver and a USB charging cord.

    Soon after the Kia Challenge began circulating online, New York City initiated its own lawsuit against the automakers, which remains pending as of March 2024.

    In its lawsuit, New York City has levied serious accusations against Kia and Hyundai, alleging that they have failed to adhere to industry standards by neglecting to incorporate immobilizer technology into their vehicles.

    This failure to keep pace with advancements in automotive security not only compromises the safety of consumers but also demonstrates a lack of responsibility on the part of the automakers to address known vulnerabilities in their products.

    Legal rights and options in the Kia Theft Lawsuit

    Unless you opt out in writing as detailed in the Notice accessible at, you will be considered part of the Settlement Class and barred from initiating or continuing legal action against Defendants, or other relevant entities or individuals outlined in the Settlement Agreement.

    To retain your ability to sue the manufacturer independently, you must opt out by MAY 3, 2024. Failure to opt out means you can still voice objections to the Settlement and/or request to participate in the Fairness Hearing by MAY 3, 2024.

    Opting out of the Kia Stolen Car Settlement vs Lemon Law Claim

    Opting out of the settlement may present an opportunity to pursue a lemon law claim, potentially leading to more advantageous outcomes for certain individuals. Lemon laws are specifically crafted to safeguard consumers who have purchased defective vehicles, offering avenues for redress such as refunds or replacements.

    By pursuing a lemon law claim, individuals can seek significant remedies tailored to their unique circumstances, potentially resulting in a full refund of the vehicle’s purchase price or the provision of a replacement vehicle.

    For those who have encountered substantial issues with their Kia vehicles extending beyond theft vulnerabilities, such as persistent mechanical problems or safety concerns, pursuing a lemon law claim may offer a more comprehensive solution than remaining within the confines of the settlement.

    While participation in the settlement streamlines the process for compensation related to theft-related losses, it may not adequately address broader issues associated with vehicle defects.

    Ultimately, the decision to opt out of the settlement and pursue a lemon law claim should be meticulously evaluated based on individual circumstances and objectives. Seeking guidance from legal professionals can assist individuals in navigating these intricate considerations and making informed choices aligned with their best interests.

    As the deadline for exclusion approaches, affected individuals are urged to explore all available options and take decisive action to safeguard their rights and pursue appropriate avenues for relief.

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