Toyota Motor Sales, the manufacturer of both Toyota and Lexus vehicles, announced the recall of over 82,000 hybrid sport utility vehicles (SUVs). These vehicles include over 45,000 Toyota Highlander SUVs and almost 37,000 Lexus RX 400h SUVS. This recall is to attempt to fix an electronic problem which causes the vehicles to lose power while driving or even quit completely while driving. Clearly this poses a substantial likelihood of bodily harm to a driver should his occur.

This electronic problem in these Toyota SUVs and Lexus SUVs are caused by the Intelligent Power Module, a part that is responsible for operating the hybrid’s gasoline-electric system.

Unfortunately, Toyota Motor Sales has stated it is not making these repairs immediately, as they are still waiting for replacement part to arrive from Japan, which are on back order due to the unfortunate natural disasters that occurred there in March of this year. Toyota Motor Sales has stated it will notify owners of these vehicles when the parts arrive, which should be in mid-July, 2011.

If you are experiencing loss of power or your vehicle quitting while driving, take your vehicle into a local Toyota or Lexus dealership immediately and report this issue. If this problem has occurred on more than occasion, it is possible this vehicle may be a lemon, and you may qualify for relief under your state lemon law or the federal lemon law.

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