Lincoln Lemon Law Information

Lincoln prides itself on being an American luxury car manufacturer. A division of Ford, they produce luxury sedans, crossovers, and SUVs with the intention of combining powerful engines and unique design. However, every so often Lincoln owners will be disappointed by their vehicles which trouble them with serious issues or defects. When this occurs, it is important to properly assess your options and consult with experts over the often complicated lemon law process. Our seasoned attorneys will provide you with all of the information you need to help you figure out the best course of action.

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Do You Have a Lincoln Lemon?

Your vehicle has the potential to qualify as a “lemon” if it is still under warranty and has defects that the manufacturer is unwilling or unable to fix. Although laws vary from state to state, generally lemon law states that if your vehicle has a substantial impairment to the safety, use, or value of your vehicle, and Lincoln cannot repair it in a reasonable number of repair attempts then you might be driving a lemon. Another important thing to remember is that California Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to pay for the consumer’s reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, if the consumer is deemed the prevailing party. This makes the law financially feasible for those who would otherwise not be capable of retaining a law firm.

Lemon car

Common Issues with Lincoln Lemons

California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (Lemon Law) was enacted in order to present relief to consumers of troublesome cars and other consumer goods that were purchased or leased with a warranty. At Lemon Law Experts, our attorneys specialize in lemon law and have the knowledge and experience required ensuring you receive the justice you deserve. We handle all types of Lemon Law cases on most types of Lincoln lemons. Some of the most popular vehicle models that have been reported as lemons are: Lincoln MKS EcoBoost, Lincoln MKT EcoBoost, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Town Car, Aviator, Continental, Lincoln LS, and the Zephyr amongst others. Not only is it upsetting to spend thousands of dollars on a car that doesn’t perform correctly, but certain defects also can be quite dangerous. Below are some of the issues Lincoln lemons commonly have. Remember, even if your vehicle’s specific issue isn’t listed below you might still have a lemon on your hands!

  • Chrome lifting off wheels
  • Crack in rear panel below window
  • Sudden engine racing
  • Brakes fail to stop car
  • Overheating due to damaged water pump
  • Engine stalling condition
  • Transmission fluid leak

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    Can You Sue Lincoln?

    Viable suits have many specific components. Since each state’s requirements differ, you’ll want to speak to a Lemon Law attorney to make sure that you qualify, based upon your state’s guidelines. For instance, in California, you can file a Lincoln Lemon Law suit if the following is true:

    • Lincoln vehicle is under the manufacturer’s warranty.
    • The defect is one that’s covered under the manufacturer warranty.
    • You purchased the car less than 18 months ago or the odometer reads less than 18,000 miles (whichever occurs first).
    • Contacted the manufacturer in writing about the need for repair. (Save a copy of all correspondence).
    • Repairs attempted equal four or more times (two or more times if the issue is one that can lead to injury or death) or if your car has been out of service because of disrepair for at least 30 days.