Mini Lemon Law Information

The MINI has been ranked one of the top ten affordable subcompact cars in the United States. The MINI was manufactured by the British Motor Corporation until 2000, briefly discontinued and then revived and reinvented in 2002 by BMW. Today, MINI offers a variety of subcompact cars including the Cooper, Clubman, Countryman, Paceman, Roadster, Coupes and Convertibles. Since 2002, the MINI has become one of America’s most desirable small cars. Unfortunately, many MINIs are lacking in safety, use and value and are lemons. Fortunately, for consumers, both federal and state lemon laws offer consumers protection in the event they get stuck with a lemon MINI. In order to qualify for lemon law protection, the consumer generally needs to show that his/her car cannot be repaired within in a reasonable number of repair attempts.

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Is My Mini a Lemon?

Lemon law claims typically provide consumer protection for cars that are purchased or leased, new or used. The lemon laws, in essence, are warranty laws, which means that the car must have been attempted to be repaired during the warranty period. Various Lemon Law claims have been submitted against a wide range of MINI models for a wide range of issues. These issues include, but are not limited to the following:

Persistent oil leak
Oil leak into the electrical system
Illumination of the check engine light
Shifter lock up
Inoperable sunroof
Cooling system leak
Premature timing chain wear
Carbon buildup
Timing chain broken
Premature clutch failure
Transmission failure
Inoperable power windows
Noisy clutch bearing
Odor from air conditioning
Poor radio reception

Mini Cooper Car

Your State and Federal Lemon Law Rights

If you have taken your MINI vehicle to an authorized MINI or BMW dealership for repeated repairs related to any of the problems mentioned or not mentioned above, it is possible you are driving a lemon. If your MINI is a lemon, you have both federal and state lemon law rights that offer you consumer protection. If your MINI is a lemon, you may be able to return it, receive a refund and the payment of your attorneys fees and costs. The lemon laws can be complicated and should be explained to you by a lemon law attorney. You should speak with an experienced lemon law attorney who may explain your rights to you in more detail.

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