Do you think you have a lemon car?  Are you looking for a mechanic that you can trust to diagnose and repair your car properly?  Are you afraid of being taken advantage of by your current mechanic?  If so, you can rest assured that you are not alone.  Half of all Americans dread going to the mechanic to take their cars in for repair and most of them dread the impending repair costs.

Many times it is miscommunication between the customer and the mechanic that leads to errors and dishonesty.  It is definitely good practice to improve communications with the mechanic by becoming somewhat familiar with your car and its basic operations.  This way you can be aware of what the problems are and have realistic expectations on ways to reduce repair expenses as well as frustration.

You can try to find a qualified mechanic by getting references from family and friends.  Also, you can look into social media sources such as Facebook where you can reach out to hundreds of people at a time to get a reliable answer and references.

Another important tip is to assess the mechanic’s parking area near the repair facility for vehicles that look abandoned.  This is usually a clue that the vehicle was just left alone either because it could not be fixed or the customer did not pay the bill.

A qualified mechanic may have well established business vehicles near the repair shop, or they could have a relationship with a reputable company that they provide repairs for.   If this is the case, the mechanic has probably built a trusting relationship for that company to bring in their fleet, which is a good sign.  Also, if you find government vehicles or school-related vehicles near the mechanic’s shop, it can signify that they were the lowest bidder, but does not really tell you much about the quality of their work.

You should also comparison-shop by getting a quote for your car repairs from multiple mechanics.  This way you can compare different mechanics prices and procedures and you will be able to make a more informed decision based on how comfortable you are with the mechanic you choose.