Teg Sethi from Australia spent $60,000 on a Jeep that was a lemon. He attempted to resolve his lemon law claim directly with Fiat Chrysler and did not get a positive result. Mr. Sethi used his bad experience to make a rap video called “I Made a Mistake I Bought a Jeep” that details his frustrating experience with his Jeep and the manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler. The hilarious rap video is sure to hit home with anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing with a lemon. Click HERE to watch the music video.

Mr. Tethi bought his Jeep in November 2013 and from day one it was nothing but problems. His Jeep would go into Limp Mode, the wipers would go off intermittently, and the steering constantly pulled to the left. After reaching out to Fiat Chrysler directly and not getting any help from them, Tethi used his connections in the music industry to make the rap video documenting his experiences with his lemon. All Tethi wanted was a replacement or a refund. Since Fiat Chrysler refused to give him either of these, he felt he had no choice but to go to this extent to have his situation resolved. Fiat Chrysler has declined to comment on Tethi’s experience.

Unfortunately for Tethi, Australia does not have great lemon laws. Consumers in the United States, and especially California, are fortunate to have the protections afforded by our lemon laws. Had this lemon been purchased in California, the outcome would probably have been different for Tethi. If you purchased or leased a vehicle that has been presented for multiple repairs to the manufacturer during the warranty, it is possible that you have a lemon and you are entitled to a refund, replacement or cash compensation.

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