“I purchased a 2007 Mercedes Benz C230 Sport. This was my not my first Mercedes, but was my first one with problems. Within a year of purchasing the car I began to experience transmission problems, where the vehicle was slipping out of gear and lagging before going into gear. Living in San Francisco this is a major problem with all the hills. After taking it to the dealership for multiple repairs, all of which would fix the problem for like a week, I was frustrated at the time spent taking the car to and from the shop, as well as concerned my car would slip out of gear while driving and cause an accident. I asked Mercedes Benz to take back my car as I did not feel it was safe, and they refused. They made it sound like the problems I was experiencing were no big deal, and that I should deal with them. On more than one occasion, I was told this is how this car is supposed to operate. Yeah right!! A car is supposed to slip out of gear and not go into gear immediately.

I was venting to my neighbor about my car and she referred me to her friend who was a lemon law attorney, a partner at Consumer Law Experts. I spoke with him explained the problems, and he explained my options and how the process worked. I did not have all my repair orders, but the attorney assured me that was not a problem. I forwarded him the paperwork. After about 1 month I got a call with some great news- Mercedes Benz was repurchasing my car, paying off my loan, paying me all the money I had put into the car, such as down payment, monthly payments, and interest. Additionally, Mercedes paid all the attorney’s fees. I am now in a safe, reliable vehicle, and would not have been able to do it without the help of Consumer Law Experts. I truly believe they did an amazing job, were prompt in answering all my questions, and I can recommend them to anyone with car problems.”

Mercedes Lemon Law Client