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recall toyota axle

Toyota has issued a recall affecting approximately 381,000 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks due to a potential rear axle issue. This recall has been initiated in response to concerns regarding welding debris on the rear axle, which could lead to the loosening of retaining nuts, according to information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Drivers of affected vehicles may notice unusual symptoms such as vibrations, abnormal noises, or leakage of gear oil from the rear axle housing.

If left unaddressed, this issue could potentially cause the axle shafts to separate, which not only compromises the stability of the vehicle but also impacts the effectiveness of the brakes, thereby elevating the risk of an accident.

Recall Information Details
Total Vehicles Recalled 381,199 potentially involved vehicles
Vehicle Type 2022-2023 Toyota Tacoma
Description of Noncompliance The rear axle assembly of the vehicles in question is made up by axle shaft sub-assemblies that are fastened to the welded-on axle housing ends on both sides of the assembly. Studs and retaining nuts secure each axle shaft subassembly to the axle housing. Due to an inappropriate welding spatter guard mounting setup at a supplier’s manufacturing site, welding spatter could have landed on the retaining nut seating surface. In this circumstance, joint retention may be compromised; the retaining nuts may loosen over time and break off, leading either of the axle shaft subassemblies to begin to separate from the axle housing.
Toyota Contact Number 1-800-331-4331
NHTSA Recall Number 24V-152
Manufacturer Recall Number 24TB05 / 24TA05
Owner Notification Letters April 27, 2024

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    Here’s What’s Included in the Tacoma Rear Axle Recall

    The Toyota Rear Axle recall includes 2022-2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks. Toyota dealerships will conduct inspections on the rear axle assembly and re-tighten axle retaining nuts at no cost to the owners.

    The extent of the affected trucks remains somewhat uncertain. Please note that in some of these Tacoma pickup trucks, metal may have splattered onto regions where bolts require tightening. Affected drivers will receive notification via mail in April of this year.

    Here’s What’s NOT Included in the Tacoma Rear Axle Recall

    The automaker has determined that the recall population consists of 2022-2023 Toyota Tacoma vehicles only. To find out if your vehicle is part of this recall or any others, simply visit or and input your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or license plate details.

    For further inquiries, Toyota’s customer support team is available via the Toyota Brand Engagement Center at (800) 331-4331. Additionally, owners can also reach out to NHTSA’s safety hotline at (888) 327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153). The NHTSA’s recall notice is identified as No. 24V15200.

    rear axle recall toyota

    What should I do if my Toyota Tacoma was recalled?

    If your Toyota pickup has been recalled due to Rear Axle concerns or any other issue, you should promptly reach out to Toyota to schedule repairs. Remember, under federal law, automakers are obligated to cover the expenses associated with recall repairs.

    Your circumstances might warrant consideration under lemon laws if you have dealt with recurrent vehicle problems. These laws provide recourse for consumers dealing with persistent issues, potentially entitling you to a replacement vehicle, monetary compensation, or a full refund of all expenses linked to your vehicle.

    In certain cases, pursuing legal action against Toyota could yield more advantageous outcomes than simply addressing the repairs. If you believe you may be eligible for relief under lemon laws, consulting with a qualified attorney specializing in consumer rights can provide you with guidance tailored to your situation.

    Defective Toyota? Give the Lemon Law Experts a Call!

    Vehicle recalls have become increasingly prevalent in recent times, and cars in Toyota’s lineup are no exception. Toyota recently recalled 280,000 trucks and SUVs for a separate issue that caused trucks to “creep” forward when shifted into neutral. The vehicles affected by this recall included Toyota’s large Tundra pickup, Sequoia, and Lexus LX 600 large SUVs.

    If you suspect that you may have grounds for a lemon law case against Toyota, we recommend exploring avenues for potential recovery. Depending on the circumstances, you could be entitled to compensation, which may include either a refund, replacement vehicle, or cash compensation.

    Also, as the prevailing party with a lemon law claim against Toyota, Toyota is responsible to pay for your attorneys fees and costs.  Thus, with a lemon law claim, there is no out of pocket expense for the consumer.

    If you purchased or leased your vehicle in California, the Lemon Law Experts might be able to assist you. With extensive experience in handling lemon law cases throughout the state, our dedicated team possesses the knowledge and capabilities needed to effectively advocate for you in your case.

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