Earlier this year, Volkswagen issued a recall affecting around 38,000 units of their popular SUV model, the Volkswagen ID.4. This recall, initiated in May 2023, centers around a specific concern with the door handles found in 2021-2022 VW ID.4 vehicles.

It has been discovered that these door handles possess a design flaw that allows water to seep into the circuit board assemblies housed within them.

This design vulnerability has raised a significant safety issue, as certain conditions can unexpectedly trigger an unintended “open command” to the door locks, even while the vehicle is in motion.

Specifically, during high-speed maneuvers below 9 mph/15 kmh, the external forces acting on the door handles can prompt the doors to open without driver input. This poses a potential hazard to the occupants of the vehicle, increasing the risk of accidents or injuries.

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    VW ID4 Recall Overview

    The German automaker has issued a stop sale order affecting approximately 18,000 VW ID.4 EV vehicles. This VW stop sale order, announced in April 2023, indicates that the manufacturer has temporarily halted the sale of these specific vehicles.

    Have there been previous VW ID4 recalls?

    Volkswagen’s recent recall announcement is part of an ongoing series of recalls involving the VW ID.4 model. Adding to the list of safety measures, earlier this year, the German auto manufacturer initiated an Id 4 EV recall for approximately 16,000 Id 4 EV vehicles manufactured in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    What is the problem with the Id4 car door?

    At speeds below 9 mph, the electronic door handles in these vehicles are susceptible to water infiltration. This can potentially lead to unintended door openings when the vehicle experiences significant lateral forces. This vulnerability arises from the potential for water to enter the circuit board, impacting the door handle’s functionality and resulting in unexpected door openings.

    In 2022, Volkswagen received reports of two incidents in the United States where ID.4 doors suddenly opened. Upon investigation, it was discovered that one of the vehicles had a damaged wiring harness, allowing water to enter the circuit board. However, engineers found no similar issues with the other vehicle. Subsequently, additional reports emerged indicating water infiltration into the circuit boards. Despite thorough examinations, engineers were unable to determine the root cause of the problem as of March 2023.

    Nevertheless, after conducting various tests, the supplier was able to identify how the doors were unintentionally opening. Volkswagen is aware of a total of 28 ID.4 doors that inadvertently opened between June 2021 and April 2023.

    Which vehicles include the problematic ID.4 doors?

    The recent ID.4 recall specifically pertains to Volkswagen ID.4 vehicles manufactured in Zwickau, Germany, during the period between December 15, 2020, and December 12, 2022. This information is based on the recall notice issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which serves as a reliable source for official recall information.

    It is important to note that only ID.4 vehicles produced at the Zwickau manufacturing facility in Germany are included in this recall. Vehicles manufactured at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee plant are not affected by the specific issue addressed in this recall.

    What should I do if I am experiencing structural issues in my Volkswagen vehicle?

    If you are experiencing structural issues with your Volkswagen vehicle, there are some steps you should take to address the problem promptly and ensure your safety on the road. First and foremost, prioritize safety by assessing the severity of the issue. If the problem poses an immediate risk, it is essential to pull over to a safe location and seek assistance from roadside services or emergency authorities if necessary.

    Once you have ensured your safety, the next step is to contact your nearest authorized Volkswagen service center or dealership. They are equipped with trained technicians who specialize in diagnosing and repairing structural issues specific to Volkswagen vehicles. Inform them about the problem you are experiencing and provide any relevant details to aid their assessment.

    During the inspection process, the technicians will thoroughly examine your vehicle’s structural components to identify the root cause of the issue.

    Based on their findings, the technicians will recommend appropriate repair measures to address the structural issues. It is important to follow their guidance and discuss any concerns or questions you may have regarding the repairs. They can provide you with a detailed explanation of the necessary steps, estimated timeline, and associated costs.

    If the structural issues you are experiencing are covered under your vehicle’s warranty or a specific recall, the dealership or service center will guide you through the warranty or recall process. They will ensure that the necessary repairs are carried out in accordance with Volkswagen’s guidelines and specifications.

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    Submitting an individual lemon law claim can be a worthwhile course of action if you are dealing with unresolved car issues. By filing a claim, you have the opportunity to seek remedies such as a vehicle replacement, a refund, or a cash settlement, depending on the specific circumstances of your case. Lemon law claims can cover a wide range of defects that substantially impair the vehicle’s use, value, or safety.

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