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If you’re a Volkswagen Jetta owner who has encountered problems turning the ignition key, you’re not alone. The Volkswagen Jetta has long been a popular choice in the compact sedan market. Known for its sleek design, comfortable interior, and impressive performance, the Jetta has a reputation for being a reliable vehicle.

However, even the most dependable cars can experience technical glitches, and one of the recurring issues that have plagued some Jetta owners is the ignition switch problem. The ignition switch is a crucial component of any vehicle, as it serves as the gateway to start the engine. When you insert the key and turn it, the ignition switch sends an electrical signal to the starter motor, which, in turn, starts the engine.

If this component fails, it can lead to a substantial safety problem such as the car turning off while in motion thereby increasing the risk of an accident. This article delves into the reasons behind this problem, how to determine if your vehicle is affected by the VW ignition switch recall, and what you should do if it is.

volkswagen ignition switch recall

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    Why won’t my ignition key turn in my Volkswagen Jetta?

    Volkswagen is aware of more than 2,500 warranty claims due to the faulty ignition switch. The auto maker has stated that it does not know the reason behind the problem yet, which is under investigation.

    How do I know if my vehicle is affected by the VW Ignition switch recall?

    Volkswagen is recalling approximately 47,000 Jetta sedans that are of the 2019 and 2020 model years with traditional keys. Jetta sedans with a push-button start feature are not included in the recall.

    To find out if your vehicle is affected by a Volkswagen Jetta ignition switch recall, you should check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or Volkswagen website. The NHTSA website provides a database of recalls, and you can search for recalls specific to your vehicle by entering your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Volkswagen’s official website also offers information on recalls, allowing you to input your VIN to check for any open recalls.

    Additionally, you may receive a notification from Volkswagen if your vehicle is part of a recall. These notifications are typically sent to the address associated with your vehicle’s registration. It’s crucial to act on these notifications promptly, as recalls are initiated to address safety concerns and ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle.

    If you discover that your Volkswagen Jetta is part of a recall, follow the recommended steps outlined to address the issue. In the case of an ignition switch recall, Volkswagen will typically offer a free repair or replacement of the faulty component. It’s vital to take advantage of these recall services to ensure the continued safety and performance of your vehicle.

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    Will Volkswagen repair issues related to the VW Ignition Switch recall for free?

    Yes! Volkswagen will replace the faulty ignition switch, free of charge. The ignition switch is a critical component to the safety and use of these vehicles, and any problems with it can lead to safety concerns and inconvenience for drivers. To address these issues, manufacturers typically provide free repairs for affected vehicles as part of the recall process.

    If your Volkswagen Jetta is subject to the VW ignition switch recall, you can contact your nearest Volkswagen dealership to schedule the necessary repairs. The dealership will have the required parts to fix the issue. It’s essential to act quickly and not delay the repair process, as driving with a faulty ignition switch can be risky and may leave you stranded when you least expect it.

    Dealing with Volkswagen Jetta Trouble? Contact the Lemon Law Experts!

    While recalls are intended to remedy known issues, some Volkswagen Jetta owners may still experience ignition switch problems before or even after the recall repairs. In such cases, it’s crucial to know your rights and options as a consumer.

    If you have experienced repeat repairs related to issues with your Volkswagen Jetta and believe you have a lemon on your hands, it’s wise to consult with a lemon law attorney. Lemon laws vary by state, but they generally protect consumers who have purchased or leased a vehicle with persistent defects that cannot be fixed after repeat repair attempts.

    A lemon law attorney can help you navigate the legal process, negotiate with the manufacturer, and seek a resolution that’s fair and beneficial to you. Whether it’s a problem with the ignition switch or other persistent issues, the Lemon Law Experts can guide you through the steps necessary to protect your rights and potentially obtain a refund or replacement for your defective vehicle.

    If you encounter difficulties turning the ignition key in your Jetta, it’s essential to determine whether your vehicle is part of a recall and take advantage of the free repair services provided by Volkswagen. If problems persist or you suspect you have a lemon, consult with the Lemon Law Experts to explore your legal options, and protect your rights as a consumer. Remember that your safety and satisfaction as a Volkswagen Jetta owner are of utmost importance.