Lemon Law Experts Worst Car Contest

We deal with a ton of Lemons! We get calls 24 hours a day / 7 days a week from consumers with defective cars. Not everyone has the option to file a lemon law claim and move on when their car has let them down. In many cases, costly repairs can still be the only solution. Over time, some cars morph into Frankenstein monsters of cobbled-together parts, mismatched paint, and DIY quick fixes…all because you do what you have to do to keep things moving along.

We understand how frustrating broken down and defective cars can be! We want to make light of these situations and look for the best of the worst!

Welcome to our Clunker Contest!

We want to know about your vehicle horror stories. Specifically, those of you that are driving a car, truck, SUV or some other type of vehicle that most people would be surprised is still working.

Submit a quick history of your vehicle’s repairs, quirks, and deficiencies, along with a photo or two. The most remarkably dysfunctional vehicles will win gift card prizes that can be used to buy gas, pay for more repairs, or pay for a well-deserved distraction.

First Place Winner – $250 American Express Gift Card
Second Place Winner – $100 American Express Gift Card
Third Place Winner – $50 American Express Gift Card

Remember, we are trying to make light of your dysfunctional vehicles and the funnier the better! After all, as the saying goes… When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade!

Tell us why you think your car is the WORST by submitting the information below:

    Winners will be announced soon and the top three submissions will be contacted through the email address provided. Good luck, and may the WORST car win!