These Kern County residents purchased a new 2013 Jeep Wrangler to help them navigate the Tehachapi Mountains.  Within about six months of purchasing this lemon Jeep Wrangler, these lemon law clients began to experience issues with the steering system. To be more exact, the power steering on this lemon Jeep Wrangler would go out, which posed a substantial safety risk to any driver, but an even greater safety risk to these drivers navigating through the mountains. When these lemon law clients contacted the Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts, they had lost complete faith in the safety and reliability of their car, so much so that this Jeep was not being driven at all.  These lemon law clients simply wanted a car that was safe and reliable.

Here is what these California clients had to say about their lemon Jeep Wrangler:
“After the torture we went through with our dealership on our Lemon Law car and the subsequent challenge of trying to find a responsive, knowledgeable attorney to represent our case, we were at our wit’s end and highly skeptical when we found [the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts]. However, we found our lemon law attorney to be clear, communicative, immediately responsive and confident. He adapted quickly to our preferred mode of communication (electronic or voicemail, rather than live discussions), and consistently kept us informed as to what was happening with our case, as well as what to expect next. And the best part is that he successfully negotiated our case with the manufacturer. He made the whole process simple, clear and painless.”

As you can see the Lemon Law Experts took control of this California lemon law claim, were able to obtain a full repurchase for this lemon Jeep Wrangler, which forced Chrysler to take back the car, pay off the loan, reimburse these lemon law clients for all monies paid toward the car, and pay their  attorneys’ fees and costs.  This was all done by the Lemon law Experts of Consumer Law Experts within 45 days of being contacted by these clients. These lemon law clients contacted the Lemon Law Experts about a sour and unsafe vehicle, but now can be seeing safely navigating the mountains of Kern County in a sweet new ride.

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