This Mercedes Benz Lemon Law client leased a brand new MBZ SL-63 in 2008.  He drove this beautiful sports car for just under two years when the car’s check engine light came on, the transmission would hesitate, and the car made whining noises from under the hood.  The client ended up taking the car in for repair work on approximately 10 separate occasions.  After contacting Mercedes Benz and not being able to get a response, he ended up calling the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts who were able to get him a full repurchase of this vehicle.  MBZ ended up taking back this car (even though it only had one year remaining on the lease), paid off the remainder of the amount due on the car, reimbursed the client all his monies back and paid his attorneys fees and costs.  This client was ecstatic with the results and very pleased to get out this lemon car.  He is now driving around the streets of Los Angeles in a brand new car with a big smile on his face.