In this lemon law case, the client first contacted us after experiencing problems with the Bluetooth in her 2009 Nissan Maxima. While Bluetooth problems may not seem like a major problem, this client is in outside sales, and spends the majority of her day on the phone and in the car. If the car does not have Bluetooth capabilities it is of little use to her functionally. This Bluetooth problem substantially impaired this Nissan lemon law client’s use of the car, as she made it clear to the dealership that she needed the Bluetooth for work. While attempting to resolve this problem with Nissan, this vehicle began to experience major electrical issues; which substantially impaired the safety of this vehicle. The lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts were able to aggressively fight for this client, and obtain a repurchase on this 2009 Nissan Maxima, which was a leased vehicle. Under the repurchase, this lemon law lease was paid out, the client got all her monies back, down payment, monthly payment, as well as current registration, in addition, to getting her attorneys’ fees and costs paid. This client is now driving the streets of Santa Monica in a brand new 2011 Ford Edge.