This client was excited to take home their nearly-brand new 2018 Chevrolet Bolt. Unfortunately, they started experiencing problems with the vehicle just over 1,500 miles in. They first noticed a check engine light. Both the car’s battery and fuel also appeared to be depleting rather quickly. The Bolt spent one day in repairs; however, the dealer could not find anything wrong with the car. 

A few months later, our client noticed a new problem with their car. The air conditioning system was only blowing hot air. The Chevrolet dealer noticed a leak in the A/C line and ordered a new part to repair it. A couple of months after this visit, the air conditioning system began to malfunction once again. Additionally, our client noticed that the check engine light had returned. A shift to park light had also appeared. 

On this third repair visit, the 2018 Bolt spent over a week at the repair shop. This time, technicians repaired several parts of the air conditioning but found no evidence of an external leak. To fix the shift to park light, the dealership installed a new line shifter jumper wire harness. Our client falsely believed that this would be the end of their car’s lemon issues. 

Some months later, the check engine light returned. Our client also noticed rattling and metallic sounds while driving the car. The Bolt spent seven days in repairs, only for our client to end up taking it in for more work just one month later for the same exact issues.

Only one month after another week spent at the repair shop, our client’s vehicle was back at the dealership. This time, for steering issues. By then, our client was extremely fed up. They had owned the Chevrolet car for nearly three years and were tired of constantly taking it in for repairs. He wanted to get rid of this car, fast, so he called the Lemon Law Experts. 

This client’s results were excellent. General Motors agreed to repurchase the 2018 Bolt and reimburse our client for all the money he had spent on his lemon, including his attorney fees. He was so happy to have chosen the Lemon Law Experts to represent him as he was able to get rid of his Chevrolet lemon quickly to purchase a new car that he could feel comfortable in. Do you live in California and suspect that you may have purchased or leased a lemon? We can help you determine if you qualify for cash compensation, at no cost to you. Let us know by calling 877-885-5366 or by filling out an online form on our site.