Ford Motor Company has recently issued a recall affecting nearly 176,000 Ford Bronco SUVs, model years 2021 to 2023, due to a concerning safety issue identified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The problem revolves around drivers and front seat passengers encountering difficulty in reaching the metal portion of the seatbelt when it is in the retracted position.

The federal safety regulator expressed concerns in its notice, stating that customers may experience dissatisfaction or discouragement when they are unable to easily access the seatbelt in its stowed position. Driving without the use of a seatbelt significantly increases the risk of injury in the event of a crash, highlighting the seriousness of this recall.

Notably, the recall specifically applies to the five-door version of the Bronco. Ford has not provided any additional comments regarding the recall, except for clarifying that the issue occurs only when the front seats are in a specific position, without specifying which position that might be.

bronco seatbelt recall

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    What’s wrong with the Ford Bronco Seat Belt?

    The hazards associated with the seat belt recall are significant, as occupants may encounter difficulties in reaching and utilizing the seat belt latches. This inconvenience could lead to a higher likelihood of individuals not wearing their seat belts, consequently increasing the risk of injury in the event of a crash.

    Which vehicles are included in the Ford Seat Belt recall?

    Over 150,000 Ford Bronco vehicles manufactured between September 23, 2020, and May 9, 2023, are included in this recall. The following is a breakdown per model year:

    • 2021 5-Door Ford Bronco (39,302 units)
    • 2022 5-Door Ford Bronco (88,704 units)
    • 2023 5-Door Ford Bronco (47,544 units)

    Owners can reach out to the automaker directly at 866-436-7332 (FMC’s designated number for this Ford seat belt recall is 23C16). Furthermore, individuals can also contact NHTSA’s vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or visit their website to check their vehicle identification number and obtain further information about the recall.

    Do the affected Ford Seat Belts meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard requirements?

    Not according to NHTSA, the agency concluded that affected latches fail to comply with the “Latch Plate Access” requirement outlined in the “Occupant Crash Protection” section of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS No. 208 S7.4.4).

    How does the manufacturer plan to fix the problem?

    The proposed solution involves adding a barrette clip or a sliding clip latch to the belt itself, ensuring that the latch portion of the belt remains in position and resolving the accessibility concern–completely free of charge for affected drivers.

    ford bronco seatbelt recall

    What should I do if I have Ford Bronco Issues?

    If you are experiencing issues with your Ford Bronco, we recommend following these steps to address the problem effectively:

    1. Check for recalls: First, ensure that your vehicle is not subject to any recalls. You can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website or Ford’s official website to check for any open recalls related to your specific model and year.
    2. Contact Ford or an authorized dealer: If your vehicle is under warranty or you suspect it may be subject to a recall, get in touch with a Ford dealership or an authorized service center. They will be able to assist you with any issues covered under the warranty or recall and provide necessary repairs or replacements free of charge.
    3. Report the issue: If you encounter a problem that doesn’t seem related to a recall or warranty, but you believe it might be a manufacturing defect or safety concern, report it to Ford or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Reporting such issues helps to raise awareness and ensures appropriate action is taken if there are widespread concerns.
    4. Follow maintenance recommendations: To prevent potential issues or keep your vehicle in good condition, follow the maintenance schedule recommended in the owner’s manual. Regular servicing and maintenance can help catch and address minor problems before they escalate into major issues.
    5. Seek professional advice: If you face any complex or persistent issues that aren’t resolved through standard channels, consider seeking advice from an independent automotive specialist or consulting a qualified mechanic who has experience with Ford vehicles.
    6. Legal advice: If you believe that your vehicle issues have resulted in damages, injuries, or significant financial losses, it’s essential to seek legal advice from an attorney specializing in consumer protection and automotive lemon law. A legal professional can assess your situation, provide guidance on your rights and options, and help you navigate any potential legal actions or claims against the automaker.

    Remember, taking timely action and seeking appropriate advice will not only help resolve your Ford Bronco issues but also ensure your safety and protect your rights as a consumer.

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