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The Ford Mustang, an emblematic icon in the automotive world, has consistently stood for power, performance, and innovation. However, even the most revered vehicles can encounter issues that prompt manufacturer recalls, ensuring safety and reliability for drivers. One such recent concern is the Ford Mustang Brake Fluid Sensor Recall, affecting a specific range of Ford models.

mustang brake recall

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    What is the Ford Mustang Brake Fluid Recall?

    Ford is recalling approximately 188,000 Ford Mustang sports cars because of an issue with the brake fluid sensor. Specifically, the problem lies with the system that monitors the fluid level in the brake cylinder reservoir, which is supposed to indicate with a warning light if the level drops low.

    The sensor is a critical component responsible for monitoring the level of brake fluid in the vehicle’s reservoir. Any malfunction or inaccuracies in this sensor could lead to an incorrect reading of the brake fluid level, potentially resulting in an inadequate response from the braking system.

    In affected vehicles, if the fluid falls below the recommended level, the warning light will fail to illuminate, which can potentially be devastating as a result of improperly functioning brakes.

    Which Ford Mustangs are included in the brake sensor recall?

    This recall covers the 2020 – 2023 Ford Mustang model years. Ford has stated that the redesigned 2024 Ford Mustang received a software update that fixed the problem. This software update is being used to address the problem in the previous model years.

    The safety implications of a faulty brake fluid sensor cannot be overstated. Brake fluid is crucial for the proper functioning of a vehicle’s braking system, as it transfers the force from a driver’s foot on the pedal to the actual brakes.

    An inaccurate sensor could mislead drivers into believing that there is sufficient brake fluid when, in reality, the levels might be dangerously low. This situation could lead to compromised braking efficiency, longer stopping distances, or even a complete brake failure, significantly increasing the risk of accidents.

    recall ford mustang brake fluid 2023

    How do I know if my Ford Mustang has the brake fluid sensor problem?

    Ford stated that it will begin notifying owners of affected Ford Mustangs by mail on December 4th, 2023.  Owners are encouraged to schedule a service appointment at their nearest authorized dealership. The repairs will be carried out at no cost to the vehicle owner and consist of a software update to the BCM.

    What should I do if my Ford Mustang is part of the recall?

    For Ford Mustang owners, staying informed about recalls is crucial. Regularly checking for any recalls related to their vehicle’s make, model, and year is recommended. This can be easily done through the manufacturer’s website or by directly contacting authorized dealerships. Prompt action upon receiving a recall notice is vital to ensure the vehicle’s safety and the peace of mind of its owner.

    If your Ford Mustang is part of the recall, call your local authorized Ford dealership and schedule an appointment for the necessary recall repair work.

    What are the Ford Mustang Recall Details?

    Vehicles Recalled 2020 – 2023 Ford Mustang
    The Issue Problems with the body control module (BCM) may result in the failure of the low brake fluid warning light when the brake fluid has fallen below the manufacturer-recommended level.
    The Repair Authorized Ford dealerships will update the BCM software so that the warning light will illuminate if the brake fluid is low.
    The Cost Free of charge
    NHTSA Information NHTSA Campaign Number is 23V727000
    Ford Recall Number 23C35
    How to contact Ford 866-436-7332

    Owners of Ford Mustangs can check see whether their vehicle has any open recalls by accessing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website and inputting the car’s 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN).

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    Vehicle recalls, although not uncommon across the automotive industry, play a vital role in maintaining vehicle safety and reliability. They serve as proactive measures to address potential issues that could compromise the performance or safety of a vehicle.

    For Mustang owners, being proactive in addressing recalls, such as the brake fluid sensor issue, is paramount. By promptly addressing such concerns, owners contribute to the overall safety and reliability of their vehicles, and to others on the road.

    If you have experienced repeat repairs with your Ford Mustang involving the faulty brake fluid sensor or any other issue, your vehicle may be a lemon and you have rights! Since 2009, the Lemon Law Experts have successfully helped thousands of consumers with their defective automotive lemon law claims. If your vehicle is a lemon, you may be entitled to a refund, replacement vehicle or cash compensation. Call the Lemon Law Experts today to learn more about your lemon law rights.