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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported yet another recall for Nissan that has affected over 9,000 vehicles in the United States. According to the summary report, the affected Ariya EV vehicles are all from the 2023 model year.

It’s worth noting that this issue is unique to the Ariya models, as they utilize a distinctive motor type not found in other Nissan vehicles. Nissan anticipates that all vehicles involved in the recall may have the identified defect.

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    What Causes the Nissan Ariya Power Issue?

    The report explains that the problem stems from small pieces of conductive material from a drive motor part, which could create a short circuit in the slip rings. These rotary electrical devices transmit power and electrical signals that are essential for the effective rotation of the motor.

    The defect can cause the inverter software to shut down both front wheel drive and all-wheel drive if a short circuit is detected, ultimately resulting in a loss of drive power.

    To prevent damage to internal components, the system may temporarily cut off power, leading to the display of a “EV System Off” message on the dashboard. If this occurs, the torque to the drive wheels may also be interrupted until the system is restarted from a “fail-safe mode”. If this occurs while driving at a high speed, there is a significantly higher risk of a crash.

    The Nissan Ariya has encountered previous challenges. Earlier this year, Nissan issued a recall for over 1,000 models in North America due to potential detachment of the steering wheel from the steering column, attributed to a potential loose or missing bolt. The series of recalls could impact the smooth rollout of the Ariya EV in the U.S, where its introduction commenced last year.

    What Should I Do if my Ariya EV is Included in the Recall?

    The problem was initially identified by Nissan in January 2022, prompted by a complaint from an Ariya owner in China. There have been multiple reports following the initial complaint which prompted the recall in September 2023.

    Nissan has announced that it expects 100 percent of the recalled model to contain the defect. Nissan dealerships began notifying affected vehicle owners on October 20, 2023, urging them to bring their Ariya vehicles to a local Nissan dealer for the appropriate recall repairs. Dealers will reprogram the inverter software in affected vehicles at no cost to owners.

    If you have not yet received any notifications about the Ariya recall, make sure to check whether your vehicle is affected or not on the NHTSA recall website, or simply reach out to Nissans Customer Service number: 1 (800) 647-726.

    ariya defect signs

    How Do I Know if my Nissan Experiences the Software Defect?

    There are signs to look out for that could indicate your software is defective:

    • Check Dashboard Lights: When the software starts malfunctioning, an “EV System Off” notification may appear on dashboard.
    • Engine Malfunction: There have been reports of the vehicle turning off while it is in motion. If this occurs, pull to the nearest shoulder, and call for assistance.

    If your car has displayed these issues, you should:

    1. Contact your local Nissan Dealer: If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, please contact your Nissan Dealer, as they will fix the issue free of charge.
    2. Present your vehicle for repair work: It’s crucial to take your vehicle in for repairs to an authorized Nissan dealership if it is experiencing issues that affect its safety and performance. Make sure to save all repair receipts and paperwork related to your repair visits.
    3. Reach out to the Lemon Law Experts: If have presented your Nissan for repeat warranty repairs to an authorized Nissan dealer, your vehicle might be a lemon and you could be eligible for a refund or replacement vehicle.  The Lemon Law Experts have years of experience protecting the rights of consumers when it comes to their defective vehicles. Give us a call today to learn more!

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