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Nearly 300 million recalls have been issued by various automakers in the past ten years and your car may be included in at least one, especially if you own or lease a Ford. According to Kelley Blue Book, Ford Motor Company has recalled more cars in 2022 than any other auto manufacturer.

With 67 urgent safety recalls, over 8 million Ford vehicles have been included in this Ford recall list. If you own or lease a Ford, it is worth performing a VIN recall check to see if your car has been included in any of the active safety recalls issued by Ford.

How do I check my Ford VIN for recalls?

Ford vehicles usually have their VIN numbers on a metal tag behind the steering wheel right above the instrument panel. Your VIN number can also be found on official documents for the car such as vehicle registration or insurance policy.

The VIN number may be found in other parts of the car, such as on a tag on the driver-side door. To find out if your Ford or other vehicle has any active recalls, you can search its VIN number on NHTSA’s (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) website. For a comprehensive recall list specific to your vehicle, you can perform a Ford recall check by vin here.

Do Ford recalls expire?

Ford Customer Satisfaction Programs usually have expiration dates or mileage limitations; however, compliance, emissions, and safety recalls do not expire, and your car remains eligible until recall repairs are completed.

Does Ford Fix recalls for free?

Ford will fix eligible vehicles for free. Federal law requires auto manufacturers to complete these repairs free of all charges.

What’s the difference between a Ford recall and a TSB?

Manufacturers use recalls and technical service bulletins (TSBs) to communicate information when they have discovered problems with a vehicle. TSBs are sent from manufacturers directly to service providers or dealerships. These notices generally explain a vehicle problem and inform service centers on how to repair the issue. TSB-related repairs are not mandatory.

When a vehicle’s issues are severe enough, a car manufacturer may skip issuing TSBs and instead directly issue a recall notice. Recall notices are given to Ford drivers via mail or through their local dealership. By utilizing   you can easily perform a Ford TSB lookup by VIN number to find any and all TSBs mentioning your vehicle.

What do I do after I receive a recall notice?

After receiving a Ford recall notice, you should verify that it is real. Unfortunately, there are scams that try to scare customers into bringing their cars in for unnecessary repairs. Some dealerships have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for sending fake recall notices. The best way to verify that the notice you received is real is by using the.

By entering your vehicle’s VIN number, this site will show you any recall related information and whether or not your vehicle is included in any active safety recalls.

Once you have verified that your recall notice is legitimate, you should then take your car in for recall service. You should choose a dealership that is registered with your car’s manufacturer. Note that it may take some time to complete recall-related repairs because certain car components may not be immediately available.

Do Ford recalls have to be done at a dealership?

Your car’s recall-related services do not have to completed at a dealership, however, if you want your vehicle to be included in the recall campaign and for these repairs to be free, then they must be completed at a dealership registered with your vehicle’s manufacturer.

An independent shop may offer competitive pricing to fix your vehicle, however, unlike an authorized dealer, they may charge you and these repairs may not satisfy the guidelines laid out by the Ford recall notice.

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How long can the dealership hold your car for a recall?

A dealership can hold your car for up to 30 calendar days. If recall repairs take more than 30 days to complete, then your vehicle may be deemed a lemon under state law which would entitle you to a replacement car, cash compensation, or a refund.

The Ford Lemon Law Experts

If a dealership holds your car for more than 30 calendar days for any type of service or if the dealership cannot fix your car after several repair attempts, then it is possible that you may qualify for an individual claim against Ford in which you could be eligible to receive a replacement vehicle, CASH compensation, or a refund.

A lemon law refund would reimburse you for all the money you have spent on your Ford (minus a usage fee) including your down payment, monthly payments, incidental expenses such as rental or tow costs and the balance of any loan or lease payments.  As a prevailing party under the California Lemon Law, the manufacturer will also have to pay your reasonable attorney fees and costs.

To find out if you are eligible for an individual claim or if you have questions about an active recall notice on your vehicle, we can help. The Lemon Law Experts serve among California’s leading consumer protection firms.

We have recovered millions for consumers in cases against large auto manufacturers like Ford across the state of California. Our team has extensive experience with Ford Lemon Law and can assist you if you have any questions about your situation. Please give us a call at 877-885-5366 or fill out an online form on our website to receive a free, no-obligation analysis of your case today.