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Genesis, a luxury vehicle brand under the Hyundai Motor Company umbrella, has rapidly gained recognition for its high-quality vehicles. The Genesis brand has become synonymous with luxury and performance. However, even in the world of luxury vehicles, recalls do occur.

The Genesis fuel pump recall has garnered significant attention, as thousands of vehicle owners have been affected by associated engine issues. Genesis is recalling approximately 19,000 SUVs and sedans for a faulty fuel pump that can result in loss of engine power.

Safety concerns are paramount in the world of automobiles, and this recall sheds light on a critical issue that has impacted numerous Genesis vehicles.

hyundai genesis fuel pump recall

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    What is the Cause of the Genesis Fuel Pump Recall?

    Hyundai learned of this problem about one year ago when consumers began presenting their Genesis vehicles for warranty claims related to engine stalling and hesitation. Hyundai engineers’ inspection of the fuel pumps revealed interference between the impeller and housing.  It turns out that a certain lot of the fuel pumps may not have been produced with sufficient impeller material thereby leading to their deterioration and malfunction.

    The faulty fuel pumps were tied to the Genesis G80, GV80 and GV70 vehicles that were produced between June 2021 and December 2021.

    A vehicle’s fuel pump plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient delivery of fuel from the tank to the engine. It is responsible for maintaining the proper fuel pressure and, by extension, the vehicle’s performance, and safety. Any malfunction in the fuel pump can lead to severe consequences.

    In affected Genesis vehicles, the fuel pump can deform over time and negatively impact the fuel pump housing. This can result in the fuel pump shutting down thereby restricting gas flow to the engine resulting in loss of engine power and increasing the risk of a crash.

    Which Genesis Vehicles are Affected by the Recall?

    The Genesis fuel pump recall affects the following Genesis model and model year vehicles:

    • 2021 – 2022 Genesis G80
    • 2021 – 2022 Genesis GV80
    • 2022 Genesis GV70

    Genesis’ parent company, Hyundai reported it is aware of hundreds of reports of fuel pump failure. Hyundai has not reported any known injuries or crashes related to the fuel pump defect.

    What are the Symptoms of a Genesis Faulty Fuel Pump?

    If there is a problem with the fuel pump in a Genesis GV70, GV80, or G80, owners may experience the following symptoms:

    • Stalling
    • Engine misfires
    • Engine hesitating
    • Engine stumbling
    • Rough idle
    • Illumination of the check engine light
    • Illumination of other malfunction lights in the instrument cluster

    genesis fuel pump problems

    How Can I Address the Genesis Fuel Pump Recall?

    Genesis owners are supposed to be notified of the recall by mail around November 10, 2023.  The recall will instruct affected vehicle owners to present their vehicle to a Genesis dealer for recall repair work. The repairs will consist of replacing the fuel pump at no cost to owners.

    For more information, Genesis consumers can contact Hyundai customer service at 855-371-9460.

    If you own or lease a Genesis and have experienced fuel pump and/or engine related issues, you should contact an authorized Genesis or Hyundai dealership and present your vehicle for repairs to be performed to your vehicle.

    What Should I do if I have a Genesis with a Faulty Fuel Pump?

    If you own or lease a Genesis vehicle that has experienced issues with the engine and/or fuel pump, present your vehicle to an authorized Genesis or Hyundai dealership for warranty and/or recall repair work.

    If your vehicle has been presented repeatedly for the same or similar issues, it might be a lemon and if so, you may be entitled to a refund or replacement under the Lemon Law plus the payment of your legal fees.

    If you suspect your vehicle is a lemon, make sure to do the following:

    1. Present your vehicle to an authorized Genesis or Hyundai dealership for repairs;
    2. Accurately report all issues to the service technician, and ensure your concerns are properly documented on all repair invoices;
    3. Save a copy of all repair invoices;
    4. Take pictures and/or videos (safely) of the issues you are experiencing.

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