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While there is no specific average for General Motors (GM) lemon law settlements due to various factors, we can provide estimates based on typical lemon law settlements in California. These estimates are meant to give you an idea of what your GM lemon law settlement could be worth:

California’s lemon law protects consumers from defective automobiles, including those manufactured by GM. If you find that your GM vehicle has major problems, doesn’t function properly, or has long-term defects, you may have the option to seek recourse under California’s lemon law. Auto manufacturers, including GM, are obligated to provide refunds or replacements for defective vehicles.

CategoryAverage GM California Lemon Law Settlement Amounts
LowApproximately: $5,300
ModerateApproximately: $48,606
HighApproximately: $199,000
gm lemon law settlements

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    Factors that Affect GM Lemon Law Settlements the Most

    The following factors are known to have a substantial impact on the resolution of GM lemon law cases:

    • Nature and Severity of Defects: The most critical factor is the nature and severity of the defects or issues with the GM vehicle. More severe or recurring defects often lead to higher settlements.
    • Frequency of Repairs: The number of repair attempts made by the vehicle owner is crucial. If the owner has made multiple unsuccessful attempts to fix the defects, it can strengthen their case.
    • Vehicle Make and Model: The specific GM make and model play a role in settlement amounts. Some models may have more common issues, leading to more favorable settlements.
    • Vehicle Age and Mileage: The age of the vehicle and its mileage at the time the lemon law complaints appear can impact the settlement. Generally, newer vehicles with lower mileage that have lemon law issues receive larger settlements.
    • Purchase Price: The initial purchase price of the GM vehicle is considered in the settlement. Higher-priced vehicles may receive more substantial settlements.
    • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Whether the vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty is important. New vehicles often come with warranties, and the presence of an active warranty can affect the settlement.
    • Legal Representation: Having an experienced lemon law attorney can significantly influence the settlement outcome. Attorneys can effectively negotiate on behalf of the vehicle owner, potentially leading to better settlements.

    Each GM lemon law case is unique, and these factors interact in complex ways. While there are average settlement estimates, the specific details of the case will ultimately determine the final settlement amount, which is why we recommend consulting with a qualified lemon law attorney.

    Recent GM Settlements Recovered by The Lemon Law Experts

    The Lemon Law Experts have a track record of successfully recovering settlements for various automotive issues. Here are some recent settlements and updates in lemon law cases:

    1. 2020 Chevrolet Silverado: In the case of a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, our client encountered persistent issues primarily tied to the vehicle’s intricate electrical system. These recurring problems significantly affected the vehicle’s performance and overall reliability. The skilled legal team at Lemon Law Experts responded promptly, conducting a comprehensive analysis of the situation and skillfully negotiating on the consumer’s behalf, ultimately securing a favorable refund and civil penalties for this consumer in addition to their attorneys fees and costs.
    2. 2020 GMC Sierra: Our client faced various different vehicle problems linked to their GMC Sierra’s transmission system. These ongoing problems had a notable impact on the vehicle’s performance and overall reliability. The proficient legal team at Lemon Law Experts acted promptly, conducting an extensive analysis of the situation and ultimately securing an optimal settlement for the client.
    3. 2022 Cadillac Escalade: In the case of a 2022 Cadillac Escalade ESV, this client faced a sudden and concerning issue when the vehicle stalled in the middle of an intersection, subsequently refusing to shift into neutral. The vehicle needed to be towed following this incident. During the same visit, it was discovered that the fuel sending unit was inoperative, resulting in inaccurate fuel gauge readings. This client decided to call the Lemon Law Experts who were able to negotiate an incredible settlement for their lemon vehicle.

    These recent settlements and updates are just a few examples that reflect the Lemon Law Experts’ commitment to advocating for consumers who have experienced issues with vehicles from large auto manufacturers like GM.  Since 2009, our team has been securing incredible settlements and awards for Cadillac, GMC, and Chevrolet consumers.

    Are There Different Types of Lemon Law Settlements?

    Lemon law settlements can take various forms depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Here are the different types of lemon law settlements through which individuals can recover compensation:

    • Repurchase or Replacement: The primary objective of lemon law settlements is to secure a repurchase or replacement of the defective vehicle. If your vehicle qualifies as a lemon, the manufacturer is typically obligated to buy back the vehicle at its full purchase price (minus a usage fee) or provide a replacement vehicle.
    • Lemon Law Refund: Lemon law settlements often result in a full refund of the purchase price of the vehicle, minus a usage fee. This refund typically includes not only the vehicle’s cost but also related expenses such as taxes, registration fees, and any additional incidental costs related to the lemon such as rental car or tow truck expenses.
    • Cash Compensation: Some lemon law settlements result in cash compensation rather than a repurchase or refund. The amount of cash compensation can vary and may cover expenses related to repairs, inconvenience, and other associated costs.
    • Additional Damages / Civil Penalties: In certain situations, individuals may be eligible for additional damages / civil penalties, which can be up to two times what the consumer paid for the vehicle.

    The type of settlement you receive can vary depending on the severity of the defect, the value of the vehicle, the legal representation, and the negotiation process.

    gmc lemon law settlements

    How Can You Maximize What You Recover?

    Maximizing your recovery in a lemon law case requires a strategic approach and careful consideration of the following factors:

    • Legal Representation: Hiring an experienced lemon law attorney can significantly improve your chances of maximizing your recovery. Attorneys have in-depth knowledge of lemon laws and can navigate complex legal processes on your behalf.
    • Documentation: Maintain detailed records of all interactions with the manufacturer or dealer, repair attempts, and expenses related to the defective vehicle. Well-organized documentation strengthens your case.
    • Understand Your Rights: Familiarize yourself with your rights under lemon laws in your state. Understanding the specific provisions and requirements can help you make informed decisions.
    • Legal Consultation: Seek a consultation with a lemon law attorney to assess the strength of your case and explore potential avenues for recovery. They can provide expert guidance tailored to your situation.
    • Negotiation Skills: When negotiating a settlement, be prepared to assert your rights firmly but professionally. An attorney can be a valuable advocate during these negotiations.
    • Consider All Damages: Evaluate all damages that you may be entitled to, including repair reimbursements, vehicle replacements, and compensation for incidental expenses resulting from the defective vehicle.
    • Avoid Common Mistakes: Be aware of common mistakes that can harm your case, such as failing to provide notice to the manufacturer or dealer or not following the required repair attempts.
    • Patience and Persistence: Lemon law cases can be time-consuming, but patience and persistence can pay off. Be prepared for a potentially lengthy legal process.
    • Stay Informed: Keep yourself informed about any updates or changes in lemon laws in your state, as these can impact your case.

    Maximizing your recovery in a lemon law case ultimately depends on your preparation, legal representation, and adherence to the legal requirements.

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