Honda Motor Company announced the recall of almost 2.5 million vehicles worldwide for a transmission software issue that can affect the vehicle’s automatic transmission. The vehicles included in this recall are the Honda Accord, Honda CR-V and Honda Element. This transmission software issue will affect about 1.5 million cars in the United States, mainly the Honda Accord.

Honda Motor Company’s recall includes Honda Accord Sedans built from 2005 to 2010, as well as Honda CR-V crossover made between 2007 and 20010, and the Honda Element SUV built between 2005 and 2008.

Honda has stated that the problems with the automatic Accord, CR-V or Element arise if the driver was to suddenly or quickly shift gears. The solution to this problem is a software update which will allow the vehicle to shift or transition smoothly between gears. Without this transmission software update, these Honda cars and SUVs could be damaged and thereby cause the engine to stall or make it difficult for a driver to put their vehicle into park.

Honda has announced that it will begin to make these repairs to the Honda Accord, Honda CR-V and Honda Element at the end of August 2011.

If you are experiencing electrical issues or transmission issues with your Honda, whether it be an Accord, CR-V or element, take your vehicle into a local Honda dealership immediately and report this issue. If this problem has occurred on more than occasion, it is possible this vehicle may be a lemon, and you may qualify for relief under your state lemon law or the federal lemon law.

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