The Honda Civic, a traditionally praised vehicle for its reliability, has been facing a concerning issue regarding sticky steering wheels, prompting a federal investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The investigation was triggered by a significant number of complaints, reaching a total of 145, alongside other reports indicating problems with the steering wheels of 2022-2023 Civic models, which were observed to feel sticky or locked during driving.

According to NHTSA, the reported sticky steering wheels in these Civics have the potential to create unsettling situations for drivers, as they may experience sudden difficulties in maneuvering the vehicle if the steering wheel feels locked.

The safety implications of this issue raised alarms, as drivers could potentially overreact to the sudden lack of steering control, leading to possible accidents or collisions.

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    NHTSA Honda Civic Investigation

    NHTSA initiated an investigation into the 2022-2023 Honda Civic models due to complaints regarding a sticky steering wheel issue. The scope of the investigation is extensive, encompassing more than 238,000 Honda Civics of the mentioned model years, emphasizing the seriousness of the matter and the need for a thorough examination of the electric power steering system.

    The NHTSA’s primary focus is to ascertain the root cause of the problem and determine whether a recall or other corrective actions are necessary to ensure the safety of Honda Civic drivers and passengers on the road.

    The primary concern raised in the complaints was that the steering wheel would become stuck while driving, potentially posing a safety risk. Despite these incidents, there were no reported car crashes or injuries related to the problem. Additionally, Honda has never released a Honda steering wheel recall for this problem.

    Which vehicles have sticky steering wheel issues?  

    A class action lawsuit filed in April 2023 alleges that certain Honda Civic vehicles manufactured in 2022-2023 may experience sticky steering wheel problems, an issue which could potentially extend to other Honda models manufactured in recent years.

    How do you fix a sticky steering wheel?

    Fixing a sticky steering wheel issue in Honda Civic vehicles can vary depending on the root cause of the problem. If the sticky feeling is caused by dirt, debris, or residue buildup, a relatively simple fix might involve thoroughly cleaning the steering wheel and its components. This can be done using appropriate cleaning agents and methods recommended by the manufacturer.

    However, if the problem is due to a more complex issue with the electric power steering system or mechanical components, it may require professional intervention. In such cases, owners are advised to take their vehicles to authorized Honda dealerships or qualified automotive technicians for a thorough diagnosis and repair.

    As for whether the manufacturer has a specific solution for this problem, it would depend on the findings of the ongoing NHTSA investigation and the outcome of the class-action lawsuit. If the investigation determines that the sticky steering wheel issue is indeed a widespread defect in certain Honda Civic models, the manufacturer may be required to implement a Honda Civic steering wheel recall to rectify the problem for affected vehicles.

    This could involve providing software updates, replacing faulty components, or other corrective measures to address the issue and ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

    Until a definitive solution is determined, Honda Civic owners who encounter sticky steering wheel problems should prioritize their safety by seeking professional advice and assistance from authorized Honda service centers or qualified mechanics.

    How do I know if my Honda is affected?

    Determining if your Honda Civic is affected by the sticky steering wheel issue involves recognizing the symptoms associated with the problem. The primary symptom is a noticeable stickiness or locking sensation in the steering wheel while driving. When attempting to turn the wheel, drivers may feel resistance or difficulty in maneuvering, making it challenging to navigate smoothly.

    The sticky steering wheel problem can manifest at any speed and during various driving conditions, making it important for drivers to remain vigilant. If you encounter a sudden lack of responsiveness or a “stuck” feeling when trying to turn the steering wheel, it is crucial to address the issue promptly to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

    Some drivers may notice peculiar noises emanating from the steering column, such as grinding, squeaking, or clicking sounds. Unusual noises, especially when accompanied by steering difficulties, could be an indication of underlying steering system issues. If you suspect that your Honda Civic is experiencing the sticky steering wheel problem, we recommend taking the following steps:

    1. Inspect the steering wheel: When parked or stationary, turn the steering wheel from lock to lock to see if it moves smoothly without any resistance.
    2. Pay attention while driving: Be attentive to any unusual sensations, noises, or difficulties encountered while turning the steering wheel during your daily commute.
    3. Seek professional assistance: If you notice any concerning symptoms, take your vehicle to an authorized Honda dealership or a qualified mechanic for a thorough inspection and diagnosis.
    4. Stay informed: Keep an eye on any official communications from Honda or NHTSA regarding recalls or safety notices related to the sticky steering wheel issue.
    5. Ask for legal advice: If you believe that your Honda Civic is affected by the sticky steering wheel issue and the problem persists despite attempts to resolve it, seeking legal advice may be warranted. Contacting an experienced attorney specializing in consumer protection and lemon law cases can help you understand your rights as a Honda owner.

    By promptly addressing the problem and seeking professional advice, you can ensure the safe operation of your Honda Civic and potentially avoid further complications that may arise from the sticky steering wheel issue.

    Honda Sticky Steering Wheel Lemon Law Claim

    When faced with the issue of a sticky steering wheel in their Honda Civic, some owners may wonder if they should pursue a lemon law claim. Filing a lemon law claim can offer certain advantages to the consumer.

    As a prevailing party under the California Lemon Law, the consumer is entitled to the following remedies:

    • Reimbursement of all monies spent on the lemon (minus a usage fee, which is a value for when the vehicle was driven trouble free);
    • Remaining loan balance or lease payments payoff;
    • Reimbursement of all incidental or consequential expenses related to the lemon such as tow car or rental car expenses;
    • Payment of the consumer’s attorneys fees and costs!

    Pursuing a lemon law claim consumers to focus on the unique facts of their case. It enables them to seek compensation that directly reflects the extent of their vehicle’s issues. Individual lemon law claims often prompt quicker resolutions as the attention is solely on the affected vehicle.

    If you are repeatedly experiencing the same unresolved issue even after multiple repair attempts, you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle, a refund, or other forms of compensation under the Lemon Law. A lemon law attorney can guide you through the process of pursuing a lemon law claim and seeking the appropriate recourse.

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