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gm lifter class action

This GM Lifter Class Action Lawsuit remains open, and Californians interested in joining can still do so. The complaint alleges that consumers, including Plaintiffs, unknowingly purchased vehicles afflicted with latent defects in their engines’ valve train systems.

These defects, particularly affecting the lifters involved in Active Fuel Management (“AFM”), can lead to various engine malfunctions, including collapsed or stuck lifters, valve malfunction, pushrod bending, camshaft damage, and further engine component harm.

Following briefing on a motion to dismiss and a motion to compel arbitration, on January 19, 2023, the Court issued opinions and orders, allowing many of Plaintiffs’ and the Class’s claims to proceed. Presently, the parties are engaged in the discovery process, and litigation continues.

Class Action Deadline Class Action Counsel Class Action Details
TBA Capstone Law APC Owners or lessees of specified 2014-2021 Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC vehicles equipped with 5.3L, 6.0L or 6.2L V8 engines are eligible.

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    Which GM Owners Are Eligible to Join

    Owners or lessees of the following GM vehicles, referred to as Class Vehicles, are eligible to join the lawsuit:

    • Cadillac Escalade (2014-present)
    • Cadillac CTS-V (2016-2019)
    • Chevrolet Silverado (2014-present)
    • Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2014-present)
    • Certain Chevrolet Corvette models (2014-2019)
    • Chevrolet Avalanche (2014-2016)
    • Chevrolet Suburban (2014-present)
    • Chevrolet Tahoe (2014-present)
    • Chevrolet Camaro (2016-present)
    • Chevrolet Camaro SS (2014-present)
    • Chevrolet Corvette (2014-2016)
    • GMC Sierra 1500 (2014-present)
    • GMC Sierra 1500 (2014-present)
    • GMC Yukon
    • GMC Yukon XL (2014-present)

    The problem might cause other valve train system components, such as the valve lifter oil manifold (“VLOM”), valve springs, and rocker arms, to fail prematurely. The defect’s symptoms include engine noises such as chirping, squealing, squeaking, or ticking, as well as engine misfires, which frequently result in Diagnostic Trouble Codes P0300-P0308.

    These faults can cause decreased power when driving, hesitation, rough running, and, in more serious situations, smoke from the tailpipe and engine failure. According to the lawsuit, General Motors concealed these problems from consumers.

    Four Steps to Join the GM Lifter Class Action Lawsuit

    If you own or have owned one of the affected vehicles and wish to participate in the class action lawsuit against GM to potentially receive a settlement check, here are the steps you can take:

    1. Contact Legal Representation: Reach out to the legal team representing the plaintiffs in this lawsuit. You can contact Berger Montague or their co-counsel to express your interest in joining the case.
    2. Provide Documentation: Be prepared to provide documentation proving your ownership or lease of one of the Class Vehicles during the specified time period (2014-2021). This may include purchase or lease agreements, vehicle registration, or other relevant documentation.
    3. Participate in the Legal Process: Once you have contacted legal representation and provided necessary documentation, follow their guidance on how to proceed. This may involve completing forms, providing additional information, or participating in legal proceedings as required.
    4. Stay Informed: Keep in touch with your legal representation to stay updated on the progress of the lawsuit and any developments regarding potential settlements or payouts.

    Pros and Cons of Joining this Class Action


    Here are some potential pros of joining the GM Lifter Class Action lawsuit:

    • Potential Compensation: By joining the class action lawsuit, you may be eligible to receive compensation if the lawsuit is successful. This compensation could help cover any financial losses or damages incurred due to the alleged defects in the Class Vehicles.
    • Shared Legal Costs: In a class action lawsuit, legal costs are typically shared among all members of the class. This means that you won’t have to bear the full burden of legal expenses on your own.


    The following are some possible cons when joining a class action:

    • Uncertainty of Outcome: There’s no guarantee of success in a class action lawsuit. Even if the case is settled or ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, individual payouts may vary, and it’s possible that the compensation received may not fully cover your losses.
    • Loss of Control: When you join a class action lawsuit, you relinquish some control over the legal process. Decisions regarding settlement negotiations, legal strategy, and other aspects of the case are typically made by the appointed class representatives and legal counsel.
    • Time-consuming Process: Class action lawsuits can be lengthy and drawn-out affairs. It may take months or even years for the case to reach a resolution, during which time you may not see any compensation.
    • Opting Out of the Class: In some cases, joining the class action lawsuit may require you to waive your right to pursue individual legal action against the defendant in the future. If you believe you may have stronger grounds for a separate lawsuit or wish to retain control over your legal options, joining the class may not be the best course of action.

    You should carefully weigh these pros and cons and consider your individual circumstances before deciding whether to join the class action lawsuit. Getting help from a qualified consumer protection or lemon law attorney can also help you make an informed decision.

    join gm lifter class action

    Why Pursuing a Lemon Law Claim Can Be a Better Financial Option

    When considering avenues for addressing issues with defective vehicles, pursuing a lemon law claim often emerges as a financially advantageous option.

    Lemon law claims operate on an individualized basis, offering the potential for higher compensation tailored to the specific losses incurred by each consumer. Unlike class action settlements where payouts are typically distributed evenly among class members, lemon law claims may result in full reimbursement of the purchase price or a replacement vehicle, providing a more substantial financial recovery.

    Moreover, lemon law claims often follow an expedited legal process, allowing for quicker resolution compared to the potentially protracted proceedings of class action lawsuits. By bypassing delays inherent in collective litigation, individuals can promptly address concerns related to defective vehicles and secure compensation or replacement vehicles in a timelier manner.

    Pursuing a lemon law claim can also afford you greater control and personalized attention throughout the legal process. Working closely with legal counsel, individuals can receive tailored representation that advocates for their specific circumstances and needs.

    This individualized approach ensures that consumers’ concerns are addressed comprehensively and that they receive the full extent of compensation to which they are entitled under lemon law provisions.

    You may receive around a $1,000 or even less through a class action settlement, whereas through an individual claim, you could qualify for far more in the form of cash compensation, a replacement vehicle, or a full refund of all the money you have spent on your defective vehicle, which includes your legal fees.

    GM Lifter Class Action Lawsuit Deadlines

    As of now, the case regarding the GM Lifter Class Action Lawsuit is currently pending. Specific deadlines related to the lawsuit, such as deadlines for filing claims, opting out of the class, or other legal proceedings, have not yet been established. As the case progresses through the legal system, deadlines may be set by the court or agreed upon by the parties involved.

    It is essential for individuals who may be affected by the lawsuit to stay informed about any updates or developments regarding deadlines and legal proceedings.

    This can be done by keeping in touch with legal representation, monitoring court filings and updates, or seeking information from reliable sources. As the case progresses and deadlines are established, affected individuals will have the opportunity to take necessary actions to protect their rights and potentially participate in the lawsuit to seek compensation or other remedies.

    Contact a California Lemon Law Attorney

    Seeking the assistance of a consumer protection or lemon law attorney can often lead to more substantial compensation than settling through a class action lawsuit.

    If your case qualifies, you may be entitled to cash compensation, a replacement vehicle, or a full lemon law refund covering reimbursing all monies you spent on the vehicle (minus a usage fee) related to your defective vehicle.  As the prevailing party under the California Lemon Law, the defendant is also responsible to pay the consumer’s legal fees and costs, which makes pursuing a lemon law claim the right and easy decision.

    At the Lemon Law Experts, we specialize in advocating for consumers affected by the GM lifter defect. Our mission is to secure fair compensation for those who have suffered harm from purchasing or leasing a defective vehicle.

    With a commitment to responsiveness and personalized attention, our firm ensures that your needs are prioritized throughout the legal process. Expect regular updates, timely responses to inquiries, and unwavering support to keep you informed and confident in pursuing your claim.

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