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Jeep has issued a recall for more than 331,000 Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L SUVs from the 2021 and 2023 model years due to the potential detachment of a critical suspension component while the vehicle is in motion.

The recall reports that an estimated 13% out of the 331,401 are likely to have the issue. It has been noted that Grand Cherokee vehicles built after May 31st are not involved. As of May 25th, 2023, the automaker has become aware of two customers assistance records, 17 warranty claims, and two field reports that may be associated with the issues. Thankfully, there have been no reports of accidents or injuries linked to the malfunctioning springs.

jeep suspension recall

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    What is wrong with Jeeps suspension component?

    The underlying issue stems from a manufacturing error related to the improper attachment of the rear coil springs. Jeep authorized dealerships will conduct inspections and, if necessary, reattach the springs at no cost to the vehicle owner. Jeep was expected to send out letters to effected owners by July 28.

    If a suspension detachment were to occur while a vehicle is in motion, drivers are put at risk of losing control of the vehicle, and the fallen part could potentially pose a hazard to other drivers on the road. It is worth noting that Grand Cherokee vehicles equipped with the optional air suspension system are exempt from this recall.

    Can I drive my Jeep Grand Cherokee if my spring coil is defective?

    Driving with a broken spring coil typically results in a rougher ride and increased difficulty in controlling the vehicle during emergencies. A fractured coil suspension spring can exert additional stress on the neighboring shock absorber, potentially leading to significant damage if you continue to drive in this state.

    Additionally, a broken coil can potentially cause damage to your steering and braking systems. Coil springs are coated with a flexible plastic layer to shield the metal from corrosion. However, with continuous compression and exposure to debris from the road, this protective coating can become damaged over time, enabling rust to develop on the coil.

    What should be my next steps if I am experiencing issues with my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

    If you believe that you may have been affected by this recall, here so some steps you should strongly consider:

    • Check if your vehicle is included in the recall: Locate your 17-didget Vehicle Identification Number and enter it into the NHSTA webpage for recalls. You can typically find your VIN on your vehicle’s dashboard, registration, or insurance documents.
    • Contact the manufacturer: While the manufacturer sends out recall notices to all affected consumers, you can contact Jeep directly at 800-853-1403.
    • Schedule recall repairs: Reach out to your local dealership to set up a recall repair appointment.
    • Communicate your concerns: Be sure to detail all concerns associated with the recall at your repair appointment, and ensure they are documented properly.
    • Save all relevant documents: Keep all records and receipts of the repair just in case further action is needed.
    • Stay informed on recalls: Continue to monitor the manufacturer communications for any further updates or instructions related to recalls issued on your vehicle.

    jeep recoil recall

    If my Jeep is affected by the recall, what is the cost of repair?

    Jeep has promised all owners of the affected vehicles a repair free of charge. The Dealerships will inspect and, if necessary, reinstall the rear coil springs. When a car is recalled, the responsibility for covering the cost of repairs typically falls on the automaker, as they are legally obligated to fix safety related issues with any vehicle they have produced.

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