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kia telluride rollaway recall

Kia America has initiated a recall impacting all 2020-2023 Telluride SUVs and certain 2024 models due to potential concerns regarding rollaway incidents during parking.

This recall encompasses a substantial number of vehicles, totaling 427,407 units. The rollaway problem is the result of an assembly error, specifically linked to the incomplete engagement of two critical drivetrain components—the intermediate shaft and right front driveshaft.

This oversight could cause the splines of the intermediate shaft to wear out faster than they should, which could cause the vehicle to move while it is in Park.

Kia tells drivers that until the needed recall repair is done at an authorized dealership, they should manually engage the parking brake every time they park their car.

Recall InformationDetails
Total Vehicles Recalled427,407 potentially involved vehicles
Description of NoncomplianceIt’s possible that the supplier didn’t properly assemble the intermediate shaft and right front driveshaft, so they might not be fully engaged. Partial engagement can damage the intermediate shaft splines over time, resulting in inadvertent vehicle movement when the parking brake is not applied.
Kia America Inc. Contact Number1- 800-333-4542
NHTSA Recall Number24V-214
Manufacturer Recall NumberSC303
Owner Notification LettersMay 17, 2024

There have been no reports of accidents or injuries related to the recall. In correspondence with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Kia says that they were told of 16 cases of vehicles moving without being meant to.

Kia says that 10 of these reports were sent in as warranty claims. In six of these cases, Kia also confirmed that the spline damage or wear was related to the recall problem.

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    Here’s What’s Included in the Recall

    The Kia Telluride Rollaway recall affects all Telluride models from 2020 to 2023 and some vehicles from 2024. Affected Kia Telluride SUVs were made from January 9, 2019, to October 19, 2023.

    Here’s What’s not Included in the Recall

    According to NHTSA documents, 2024 Tellurides manufactured after October 20, 2023, are exempt from the recall. This exemption is due to the supplier implementing an additional computer vision process to ensure full engagement of the driveshaft assembly.

    rollaway recall kia telluride

    What is the fix for the Telluride Rollaway issue?

    Kia dealerships will address the issue through a two-step process. First, they will update the software so that the parking brake is always on when certain conditions are met, like when the shifter is in Park and the engine is off, or when the driver’s door opens no matter what gear the car is in.

    Then, if deemed necessary, dealerships will replace the intermediate shaft, free of charge. All repair procedures related to this recall will be provided free of charge. Notification letters will be dispatched to affected owners by May 17, 2024, with detailed instructions on how to make an appointment for recall repairs.

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