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recall tesla cybertruck

Tesla Inc. has announced a recall for its 2024 Tesla Cybertruck due to reports of unintended acceleration. The problem is caused by a defective pedal pad that has the potential to become stuck, keeping the accelerator depressed and increasing the chance of a collision. Accelerating too quickly could push the accelerator pad out of place and entangle it in the surrounding trim.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received documents indicating that 3,878 vehicles are included in the recall. This is astonishingly all the Cybertruck production for 2024–from November 13, 2023, through April 4, 2024.

Tesla Cybertruck Recall InformationDetails
Total Vehicles Recalled3,878 potentially involved vehicles
Description of NoncomplianceWhen considerable force is applied to the accelerator pedal pad, it may detach, causing the pedal to become trapped in the interior trim above the pedal in affected automobiles.
Tesla Motors, Inc. Contact Number1-650-681-5000
NHTSA Recall Number24V-276
Manufacturer Recall NumberSB-24-33-003
Owner Notification LettersJune 18, 2024

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    What’s Wrong with the Cybertruck brake pedal?

    Applying excessive force to the accelerator pedal’s cover can cause it to detach, potentially becoming trapped in the driver’s footwell trim. This could result in the accelerator staying depressed, leading to continued acceleration.

    However, pressing the brake pedal in such a scenario immediately cuts drive torque to the wheels, even if both pedals are pressed simultaneously. According to NHTSA, the vehicle decelerates at the same rate as it would if only the brake were applied.

    Tesla became aware of this issue after a customer complaint on March 31, 2024. On April 2, Tesla verified that the brake system functioned correctly during the incident, successfully bringing the vehicle to a halt with both pedals pressed. Subsequently, after internal testing, Tesla issued a voluntary recall of the Cybertruck on April 12. As of April 15, Tesla reported no accidents or injuries related to this issue.

    Here’s What’s Included in the Tesla Cybertruck Brake Pedal Recall

    The recall includes all 3,878 units of the distinctive angular trucks that have been sold to date. NHTSA states that the defect affects 100% of recalled vehicles.

    Unlike some Tesla recalls that involve software updates delivered remotely, this issue necessitates a physical repair. To address the problem, Tesla will replace or modify the accelerator pedal assembly and cover, ensuring the pad remains secure in the future. Documents filed with the NHTSA indicate that by April 17, production of the Cybertruck had been modified to incorporate a new accelerator pedal design.

    Additionally, according to NHTSA records, vehicles awaiting delivery and those in transit to customers will undergo the necessary fix before reaching their intended recipients. This aligns with reports from the Wall Street Journal, which noted a temporary suspension of Cybertruck deliveries by Tesla. The duration of this delay is unclear.

    Here’s What’s NOT Included in the Tesla Cybertruck Brake Pedal Recall

    NHTSA’s recall includes nearly 4,000 Cybertruck vehicles produced between November 13, 2023, and April 4, 2024–any other Tesla model is excluded from this recall. To determine if your vehicle is affected, owners can use the NHTSA VIN Recall search or the Tesla VIN Recall tools.

    To schedule a service appointment for the recall repair, owners can use the Tesla app. By navigating to ‘Service’ > ‘Request Service’ > ‘Other’ > ‘Something Else’ and entering the note “Open Recall Repair – Cybertruck Accelerator Pedal Pad” into the ‘Describe Concern’ field, owners can facilitate the process.

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    Is there a Tesla Cybertruck Recall Fix?

    During a Cybertruck event dubbed “Cybertakeover” in California, hosted by the Tesla Owners Club of Santa Clarita Valley, a user shared a video on X (formerly Twitter) showcasing a possible resolution of the pedal issue. Dubbed the “35-second recall fix,” the footage depicts a worker addressing the problem by drilling a hole into the gas pedal and securing the pad with a rivet.

    While the full details of the repair aren’t yet available, the manufacturer noted that they will replace or modify the accelerator pedal assembly to meet requirements and ensure proper pad retention to prevent dislodging.

    Contact an Expert in California Lemon Law

    Tesla Inc. has dealt with a series of recalls over the past year. Earlier in February, over two million vehicles were recalled due to warnings lights panel font size issues. In December, a similar number of vehicles underwent a recall to enhance the Autopilot software.

    As Tesla contends with increased competition and a deceleration in demand for electric vehicles, it faces challenges in sustaining its prior growth trajectory. While the Cybertruck, launched in response to this shifting landscape, represents Tesla’s first new model since 2020, its unconventional design, premium price point, and numerous recalls, may limit both its market appeal and sales.

    If your Cybertruck is among those recalled for accelerator issues, we recommend reviewing your legal options. Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for compensation, including refunds, replacement vehicles, or monetary reimbursement. Notably, as the prevailing party, the defendant bears responsibility for your attorney fees and costs, ensuring representation at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

    For those who purchased or leased their vehicles in California, the Lemon Law Experts are ready to help. With extensive experience handling lemon law cases statewide, our dedicated team possesses the expertise and resources needed to effectively advocate for your Tesla lemon law rights.

    Regardless of the manufacturer or specific issue involved, you can rely on the Lemon Law Experts to offer comprehensive support in pursuing the compensation and resolution you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get rid of that Tesla Cybertruck or other lemon vehicle.